Best Yamaha Digital Piano 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide

Yamaha can entertain you, without knowing about your skill, wait, we will give you a reliable list of Best Yamaha Digital Piano.

It provides a complete range to every school of thought like beginners, freshers, masters, stage players, etc. Yamaha facilitates all according to their taste, skills, and passions.

Yamaha P121

  • MIDI controller via USB
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


Yamaha PSR-EW300

  • Touch tutor
  • Yamaha Educational Suite
  • 574 voices


Yamaha YDP-164

  • Inbuilt 2 track recorder
  • CFX sampling sound
  • Smart Pianist App


Best Yamaha Digital Piano

best yamaha digital piano

As you know, in the field of producing classical or acoustic or digital piano, many brands try to compensate you. You also observe that the brands which are introducing noteworthy devices to cheer up your passion are less in numbers. Yamaha is one of these brands.

For a remarkable experience, you must rely upon Yamaha. But, don’t get confused, we help you by giving you updated instructions related to Yamaha’s pianos.

Best Yamaha Digital Piano [Reviews 2021]


Yamaha P121
  • CF Sound Engine
  • MIDI Controller
  • Portable

Yamaha PSR-E363
  • Yamaha Educational Suite
  • Duet Mode
  • Inbuilt Speakers

Yamaha PSR-EW300
  • Touch Tutor
  • 574 voices
  • Handy

Yamaha YDP-181
  • Ticklish Look
  • Dual Voice
  • LED Display Screen

Yamaha NP-12
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Controller App

Yamaha YDP-144
  • CFX Sampling Sound
  • Smart Pianist App
  • Inbuilt 2 Track Recorder

Yamaha YDP-164
  • CFX Stereo Sampling
  • USB Connectivity
  • Damper Resonance

Yamaha NP-32
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Smart device

Yamaha YPG-535
  • 500 Built-in Voices
  • 6-Tracks MIDI Recorder
  • Split & Dual-Mode

Yamaha YDP-164B
  • 40 W Speaker System
  • 2-Tracks MIDI Recorder
  • USB Connection to iOS

1. Yamaha P121 – Compact Digital Piano

best yamaha digital pianoYamaha P series is renowned for ultra-portability as this series presents the pianos with multiple features and diaphanous structure.

  • CF sound engine
  • MIDI controller via USB
  • 73- full weighted GHS keys
  • Lighter and more Portable
  • Some of you may not like the small size otherwise it's good for playing



It has 73 fully weighted keys. These keys are of a full size that gives you a precise feel of the real digital piano. It is an ultra-portable musical instrument that you can easily keep with yourself while traveling. Its weight is also very suitable for you to carry it.

It is a remarkable type of piano as it has all the exciting features rather than the small size. It still has GHS weighted keys that give you a more inspiring feel while playing than others.

Ultra Portable Musical Instrument

Yamaha P-121 is here for you with a CF sound engine that devotedly exhibits the tone of CFIIIS' from Yamaha 9. It empowers you to enjoy the taste of great Grand Piano by this though it does not avail of the variety of songs yet quite acceptable with some songs.

Its USB connectivity delivers host connectivity to you with MIDI and audio transference. For further proceedings, you only need a wire to attach to your music-related software. It's split mode also handy.

Final Verdict

Yamaha P-121 is also known as mini P-125. If you want to enjoy all the features of P-125 but with a small size, then you must go for it. It is not a wrong choice at all.

2. Yamaha PSR-E363 - Touch Sensitive Keyboard

best yamaha digital pianoThe perfect and stunning instrument which enhances your inspiration is none other than Yamaha PSR-E-363.It is the 2nd best digital piano in our list.

  • Yamaha Educational Suite
  • Duet mode for playing with a partner
  • Variety in instrumental voices
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Touch-sensitive keys
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Mostly best for kids
  • 61-keys



In our life, we have to deal with a variety of things, but we chose the one that is familiar to us. So, let be familiar with Yamaha PSR-E-363 features:

Its keyboard has only 61 touch-sensitive keys. It means it gives you full expression while touching.

Yamaha PSR-E-263 comes with 500 sensational sounds, a variety of voices, and abundance in styles. It is the key for you to explore the world of music with more options and passions.

Yamaha Educational Suite

This keyboard is specially designed for students and hobbyists as it gives you a Yamaha Educational Suite known as Y.E.S. Through this, you can learn quickly in a better way.

You also can connect it to your compatible device with MIDI to seek your pace. It allows you to play with one hand mode or both together as per your own choice.

Don't get it as a poor device relying upon its size because it has features that can impress you smoothly. Decent inbuilt speakers increase their charm.

This mini instrument shocked you with 574 instrument voices. These vary from pure piano tones to acoustic grand piano sounds with some percussion devices.

Yamaha PSR-E-263 also enables you to learn with USB connectivity. It is a perfect choice for your kids, but too bad for live performers and professionals.

Final Verdict

Yamaha PSR-E-263 is an adorable device with overall best skills but not for professional or stage players. If you want this for your child must go for it, it is a trustworthy device for his/her.

3. Yamaha PSR-EW300 - Portable Keyboard with Stand

best yamaha digital pianoYamaha never feels tired in introducing its exotic musical instruments with you. It is one of these fascinating pianos.

  • Handy device due to low weight
  • 574 voices
  • Touch tutor
  • Yamaha Educational Suite
  • Stand and power supply
  • USB to host connection
  • Simple keys without hammer actions
  • Only for beginners



PSR-EW-300 is available with a 76-key keyboard.88 keys are missing as the essential requirement for classic ones. But don't worry, you can easily create a pop, rock and fresher music with this. These are comfortable enough for playing.

When it comes to portability, this device facilitates you with its size. It makes travelling easy for you without any trouble of bulkiness. This piano keyboard has a PKBST Keyboard stand and PA130 power supply that is sufficient for your relaxation.

Touch Tutor Mode

Yamaha PSR-EW-300 can afford a massive library for you. It has 574 voices, 165 styles, and 154 preset songs. Not only this, but it also has a data capacity of approximately 10,000 notes, which are very stimulating for your learning experience.

Yamaha has the pianos for every class range. This one is especially for beginners due to its limitations in some functions.

Yamaha can't avoid compensation in educational matters. Oh yes, in Yamaha PSR-EW-300, there is an educational suite, letting you seek through MIDI files of yours and learn how to create preset songs.

The "Touch tutor" learning Mode is more than good enough for you guys. It enables you to play to teach dynamics.

USB connectivity is also an elaborating feature of it.  It's USB to Host ability provides connectivity just due to a cable. Now, you can connect your device with other software related to music smoothly.

Headphone jack, sustain pedal jack, and Aux-in stereo mini-jack is present with this keyboard piano.

Final Verdict

Yamaha PSR-EW-300 is quite an affordable device for Freshers, but if you want to learn, this keyboard thoroughly has some limitations. But wait, let me tell you something that choice is yours.

4. Yamaha YDP-181 - Traditional Console Piano

best yamaha digital pianoWhen we talk about musical instruments, how can we forget about the Yamaha Arius YDP-181? It's a traditional console-style piano that is fascinating.

  • Graded Hammer(GHS) Action keys, give an awesome feel
  • Dual voice capability
  • USB connectivity
  • Dynamic Stereo sampling AWM sound system
  • Ticklish look
  • No need for an adapter to the plugin
  • LED display screen for a better experience
  • Bulky and not portable



Yamaha Arius YDP 181 is one of the console pianos from the Yamaha series Arius. Its classy look increases its demand. These pianos look like the acoustic piano as they are bulky due to cabinet style.

Yamaha Arius YDP 181 has 88 weighted Graded Hammer Action (GHS) keys. It's a GHS keyboard, and the graded style of keys gives you a real feel while playing.

Stereo Sampling AWM Sound

When it is about sound systems, then it launches a loud and lively Stereo Sampling AWM sounding feature with 128 notes in polyphony. This feature enables you to create amazing tones and sounding effects.

Yamaha Arius YDP 181 introduces Dual voice capability by which you can easily play 2 different sounds of different instruments. It's a remarkable feature.

Furthermore, it lets you capture your musical thoughts and performance through a 3-track sound recorder. By this, you can be able to save your performance.

Yamaha Arius YDP 181 attracts you with its outclass look as it appears with dark wood finished with gold even it's 3 pedals unit has a gold look. It's the piano with the most captivating look.

This piano is weighty when it comes to outer look. It has 53 inches in width, 20 inches in depth, and 35 inches in height. This bulkiness of the piano makes it useful for a family to keep in the house. It enhances the beauty of your home.

Yamaha Arius YDP 181 has an LED display to make your experience exceptional, with a tempo range varying from 32 to 280. Now, you can explore a variety of tones.

Final Verdict

Yamaha Arius YDP 181 suitable for both beginner and professional, and if you are searching for a family type piano, this one is the best choice for you.

5. Yamaha NP-12 - Lightweight Portable Keyboard

best yamaha digital pianoAnother piano by Yamaha that is elegant and modest is Piaggero NP-12. No doubt, it's an ideal mixture of modernity with simplicity.

  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Touch-sensitive piano keys
  • The Controller App
  • USB connectivity
  • Affordable
  • Limited features like less number in polyphony
  • Not impressive speaker system



Yamaha NP-12 is available with 61 touch-sensitive keys on the piano keyboard. It will give you a real reliable feel of piano playing. And with 61 keys, it's a piano suitable for Freshers and Hobbyists.

Its unusual feature is Controller App for iOS, which allows you for rapid and speedy configuration and Navigation through the graphic user interface. This feature increases the richness of Yamaha NP-12.

Control Configuration using Graphic User Interface

It's USB portal also facilitates you in coupling with different apps, which is not only beneficial for your educational purpose but also creative uses. You will enjoy this one surely.

Let's talk about its battery. So, Yamaha NP-12 is usable as it has a battery power of 6 AA. And this lasts up to 5 hours of life. It may not be convenient for the ones that have to play the piano day and night yet effective as these are rechargeable batteries.

Yamaha NP-12 is that piano, which has some limitations too. Like it has only 10 sounds with no louder sound speakers. Not only this but also in polyphony, it has only 64 tones, which are too limited. These sounds are manageable for beginners.

It is a portable piano due to its low weight as it has only 14.5 lbs weight. It makes Yamaha Piagerro NP-12 ultra, portable as you can quickly put into the case and carry with you wherever you want.

Final Verdict

Yamaha NP-12 is the piano that proves the slogan, which is"more in less." It is a pretty best choice for beginners and hobbyists from every point of view.

6. Yamaha YDP-144 - Console Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP-144 is a striking piano keyboard from the Arius series. It may prove a natural choice for you.

  • CFX sampling sound
  • 88 GH3 fully weighted keys
  • The Smart Pianist App
  • Damper Resonance DSP system
  • Inbuilt 2 track recorder
  • Consistent with controller apps
  • Only for iOS apps



Are you looking for the digital piano that increases the charm of your home than without any doubt Arius Yamaha YDP-144 is the best choice? It pretty looks gives a sensational view in the shape of an acoustic piano.

CFX Premium Grand Piano Voices are a part of this, which can give a wondrous sound of great Grand Piano. You can also recreate the tone of Yamaha flagships CFIIIS through this, which means you can mix up lively highs with high musical bass for a hall practice.

Intelligent Acoustic Control

Yamaha YDP-144 is an 88-keys piano with a GH3 graded hammer action keyboard, generating the touch of an acoustic grand piano, which is more substantial in the low end and lower in heavier octaves. GH3 action is familiar with the rapid response of the tones that give the real feel of a grand piano.

IAC Intelligent Acoustic Control reconciles the balance between bass and treble naturally. So you can enjoy the sound at a low volume. YDP-144 is purely responsible for your entertainment.

Yamaha gives you the Smart Pianist App in YDP-144. It helps you to control your piano's function completely and also lets you study your darling song. For this, you have not to be a part of your music library. Fortunately, this is possible by using Chord Tracker Technology.

It's Damper Resonance DSP function enables you to change the sound of a great Grand piano when the dampers are out of the chord. It polished your playing skills.

Final Verdict

Yamaha YDP-144 is a remarkable type of great Grand Pianos. If you desire that your piano is the part of your house and you have no need to move it around, then this must be your priority. Even this piano comes with different designs for a classy look.

7. Yamaha YDP-164 - Best Console Piano

best yamaha digital pianoYamaha Arius YDP-164 gives you a real feel of Great Grand pianos. It's a device that surely consoles your aesthetic needs.

  • 88 Graded  Hammer Action GH3 keys
  • CFX stereo sampling for great grand piano feel
  • Affordable
  • USB connectivity allows different apps to connect
  • Damper Resonance DSP sound system
  • Classy and good looking
  • Not a wider range of sound presets as these are only 10 in numbers



It is a piano with Yamaha's flagship CFX stereo sampling. The most convincing sound system of Yamaha is here that gives you a precise feel of concert Grand piano.

Yamaha Arius YDP-164 lets you enjoy with its half-damper pedal that depressed the pedal and increases the amount of sustain continuously to create a fantastic tone.

Smart Pianist App with Damper Resonance

It's Smart Pianist App not only grants you complete control over your piano's function but also examines your favorite song and takes it out from the music library by using the technology of chord tracker.

In addition to features, Yamaha Arius YDP-164 enables you to enjoy Damper Resonance DSP. It can quickly renovate the sound of a grand piano when dampers are cheered to the strings.

The most life-like playing experience you got with the Yamaha Arius YDP-164 as it has a Graded Hammer action GH3 key, which is responsible for the realistic feel.

When it is about USB connectivity, this piano allows you to interact with the wider variety of applications related to music, education, and entertainment on your computer and other devices.

Final Verdict

If you want an affordable piano that forms an ominous feel like a Grand piano, this may be a bright choice if you overview the best Yamaha digital piano reviews.

8. Yamaha NP-32 - Best Portable Digital Piano

best yamaha digital pianoYamaha NP-32 is a digital piano with less weight and more compatibility. It is not at the top of the list but quite likable and easy to use for new piano players.

  • Smart device
  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • USB connectivity
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Superb Grand Piano voices
  • Hammer action keys may be demanded by some of you guys



Yamaha NP-32 provides you a fantastic feel with 76- necessary graded soft-touch keyboard action. This action is different from hammer action but quite manageable.

In Yamaha NP-32, you have 64 notes in polyphony and good sound quality. It is happening just because of Advanced Wave Memory AWM  stereo sampling. By this, you can create a tone naturally.

Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

Not enough. This type of piano amazed you by giving the compatibility of iOS Apps. By this, you can easily access worldwide informative content.

When it comes to USB connectivity, Yamaha NP-32 Impress you by giving access to connect with your DAW software and use it as a keyboard. This USB Host port permits you to interact with musical related Apps on any devices.

Yamaha NP-32 gives you 10 sounds with Yamaha organs and strings. Its voices can split up for polishing your playing experience. You can easily add digital reverb to your music for a better experience.

At the top, this piano has built-in speakers. It gives an outstanding sound experience to enjoy. Its 6AA battery enables it to work up to 5 hours thankfully.

Yamaha NP-32 is a compact and lightweight digital piano with a width of 1,244mm(49"), a height of 105mm(4-⅛), and a depth of 239 mm(10-3/16). This weight makes it easily carryable for the one who has to travel continuously.

Final Verdict

Yamaha NP-32 is the keyboard range for the one who wants a complete package within less. This digital piano has the capability to impress you to a great extent with its features.

9. Yamaha YPG-535

Yamaha never fails to invent good and unique products of all types. The digital pianos of Yamaha also have very amazing features.

  • 88 semi weighted full sized keys
  • 6-track sequencer/ MIDI Recorder
  • Split and dual mode
  • Yamaha Educational Suite
  • 500 built in voices
  • 160 Pre-Set styles are available
  • Complete package included a stand
  • Although bulky yet portable
  • USB connectivity
  • Sample sound is not so appealing like Arius
  • Keys are not fully weighted
  • Only 32 notes in polyphony



Yamaha YPG 535 is the piano whose keyboard has 88 and 76 full-sized keys. The hammer action of keys is missing because these are semi-weighted keys. There is a spring behind the keys which makes it different from an acoustic type of pianos.

It is the piano which is portable even with a weight of 37 pounds. This is just amazing. Isn't it? So, the weight is no more problem for you if you want it to travel with you.

6-track sequencer to record your Creation

Yamaha YPG 535 is available with a 6-track sequencer which permits you to record your creation according to your own wish. This enhances the creativity of yours and polishes it. That's why it is popular among songwriters.

In this type of piano Yamaha XGlite/GM voices are furnished to adore you. Through this feature of Yamaha YPG 535, you can produce something new and unique related to chords because it has a wider variety of sounds in it.

It comes with 276 different keyboards setup that gives you easy access to different voices which can be added by you into your composition.

Like all other types of Yamaha, YPG 535 keys' also have a sensitive nature to give you the pure piano-like feel. It also has a Yamaha Educational Suite which helps you to learn with ease.

Final Verdict

Yamaha YPG 535 is the best choice for composers and music writers. It is a bright choice for them because it is portable and helpful in creativity.

10. Yamaha YDP-164B

We added Yamaha YDP 164 due to its appealing features into our list of the best digital pianos. Its prominent features will be likable from your side surely.

  • 88 weighted keys
  • Gh3 Hammer Actions provides you the feel of acoustic piano
  • Smart Pianist Apps enables you to learn on a larger level
  • CFX Premium Grand Piano Voices for good quality of sound
  • Set of stand and bench
  • 3 pedal unit for basic piano skill
  • 40 W Speaker system
  • 2 track MIDI recorder
  • USB connection to iOS devices
  • Not portable
  • Limited sound effects
  • Device controller Apps are absent



Yamaha YDP 164B is another form of an acoustic grand piano. It is a piano with 88 weighted keyboard keys that give you the pure and authentic feel during playing.

Yamaha YDP 164B included GH3 hammer action which is light in heavy end and heavier in the lower end just like an acoustic type of piano. Its keys are also covered with matte Black key tops which absorb all the moistures to give smoothness instead of slippery keys surface for playing.

CFX Premium Grand Piano Voices

3-pedal unit control is present in the Yamaha YDP 164B. This provides you with control on pedals after depressing. That's an amazing feature.

The CFX Premium Grand Piano voices are also present in Yamaha YDP 164B. With these voices, the flagship CFX tones are recreated easily which grants you grand piano-like playing experience.

Furthermore, you can connect your piano to iOS devices that can make easy access for you to different pianist Apps. You can now explore the new sounds and voices of pianos in a remarkable way. With the Smart Pianist Apps, you can easily control your piano's function and also gave an opportunity to study along with your favorite songs by chord tracker technology.

Final Verdict

If you want a digital piano that not only gives you a pure feel of the acoustic piano but also enhances the beauty of your house than the Yamaha YDP 164B is best for you. It has everything which you require.

Things to Consider Before Buying Yamaha Digital Piano

It is the age of competition. When you are searching for the Top Best Yamaha Digital Piano review, there is a long list waiting for you. It is a very complex process for beginners and some time for seasoned pianists.

But you do not need to be upset if you get confused with the different pianos of Yamaha. We'll guide you about the crucial factors that must be considered while buying pianos. As if that's not enough, then feel free to share your opinion.

So, let's start:

Sensitivity Of Keys

When it is about the digital piano of Yamaha, the sensitivity of keyboard keys matters a lot. The keyboard keys are an essential part of the piano. And it's sensitive nature helps you to enjoy playing the piano.

The velocity-sensitive keys of Yamaha give you the most authentic feel. So if you want emotional learning or playing experience, you must think about the keyboard which has sensitive keys.

Hammer Action keys

Yamaha deals with different types of pianos. Some are with entirely hammer keys, and some are with graded hammer action.

These hammer action of keys gives you the taste of acoustic and grand digital piano. Graded Hammer Action keys are more responsive than others. If you want to fulfill your aesthetic desire, you must go for it.

By now, you have sufficient piano types by Yamaha. Therefore, you should go for that piano which keys are fully responsive and touch your taste.


The polyphony of any digital pianos varies from 16 to 128. And in very few advanced forms of pianos polyphony has 200 or more than that notes. These are the number of notes that depends upon your playing skills.

Yamaha presents different notes for different classes. If you are a beginner, Yamaha entertains you with 32 notes in polyphony.

And if you are a skilled player of Piano, you must go for the Yamaha Piano keyboard with 123 maximum notes in polyphony. The increase in the number of notes widens the range in polyphony to create different tones.

So before buying any digital piano keyboard by Yamaha, you must keep in mind the number of notes which suit you.

Sound Quality

The unique quality pianos always come with a stable sound system. It's the sound system which is responsible for creating a spell upon listeners. Like a few trustworthy brands, Yamaha also surprises you with its best Sounding quality.

But, keep in mind that the digital piano of Yamaha with a good quality of sound system always comes with more money. So, before purchasing, keep the best sounding digital piano in your mind for a delightful experience.

Speaker System

Speakers are the most challenging part of any digital piano by the new generation. The Speaker system inspires them a lot. It is also an important thing to consider before going shopping for a Yamaha digital piano.

The size, volume, and quality of the speaker play a vital role in the better performance of the digital piano. But, the extensive speaker system increases the weight of the piano and eventually decreases the portability of it.


Yamaha also gives the variety in portable or non-portable digital pianos. If you are a piano player and want a keyboard to keep it in your house, then its Portability doesn't matter at all.

But, if you are a learner, teacher, and professional stage player, the Portability has a grave concern because these people have to travel from one place to another and have to carry their piano keyboard with themselves.

The Portability of a piano is directly proportional to its size and attachments with it. Yamaha presents a wide variety of portable keyboard piano for you. You just have a look upon all and pick up the one that accommodates you.

Price Range related to Budget

Although Yamaha is the brand having a keyboard piano for every class, yet the choice is purely yours. You know better about which Yamaha digital piano compensates you the most.

Budget-friendly Yamaha digital pianos may be likable by you like all the circle of daily life depends upon it. But some Yamaha piano with incredible amazing features costs high.

When you like any Yamaha digital piano, please pay attention to its price tag. It will save you from any embarrassing situation.


The material of any digital piano is a crucial point to keep into consideration before going shopping. Yamaha is responsible for the unique and reliable material quality for its customers.

The excellent material of any digital piano increases its liability. Yamaha gives margins in the shape of low expenses piano by using inexpensive material like plastic keys.

And in some particular types of the digital piano, Yamaha utilizes ivory keys. It increases the prize ratio of the keyboard. But it gives more authentic and real feel than plastic keys. In the end, you have to choose which is right for you.

Final Verdict

By summing up the above discussion, we ensured you that these factors amazingly assist you the way to the best digital piano by Yamaha. Before buying anything, you have to complete your search work. It prevents you from making mistakes.

And, Yes, Of Course in the research process, we always brighten your eyes.


Luckily we can convey genuine and authentic Yamaha digital piano reviews through a comparison chart to you. We told you the best and the average of pianos by Yamaha. In our perception, the choice varies from person to person, so that's up to you.

In the list, we included an electrical piano model, piano for beginners, classical pianos, acoustic piano range, and many others as Yamaha is a versatile brand, fulfilling all the piano ranges for every class.

So, choose carefully and also inform us about your precious choice.