Best Headphones for Digital Piano 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide

At this platform, we share a buyer guide of Best Headphones for Digital Piano. Undoubtedly, this buyer guide will help you in choosing the Best Headphone for you because we cover different yet expressive types of headphones with pros and cons.

Best Headphones for Digital Piano

When you are interested in piano playing and take this passion seriously, then there are many other gadgets related to the digital piano, should be chosen very wisely so that you will thoroughly enjoy the sound of digital pianos.

The headphones are one of these essential gadgets that directly affect your playing experience.

So, like the best digital piano selection, you have to become a little bit fussy when it’s about Headphones for keyboard or digital piano. After all, the good and best headphones are essential for your ear protection and your playing practice.

Best Headphones for Digital Piano 2021 Reviews

1. Audio-Technica ATH M40X

The Audio-Technica ATH M40X is an amazing headphone with unique and updated features. It is a professional type of headphone of M-Series.

  • Tough & Firm Structure
  • Sound signature is neutral
  • Good for loud environment
  • Low leakage of sound
  • Two cables
  • Soundstage is not too good



Audio-Technica ATH M40X is a fabulous choice for the competent digital piano player with noise isolation quality. It will give you better listening experience.

It is made up of high-quality material with cutting edges, which makes the recreation of sound possible to a good level.

90 Degrees of Fluctuating Ear Cups

The apparent look of Audio-Technica ATH M40X is unique because it has 90 degrees of fluctuating ear cups that will help you to monitor your surroundings easily. This feature enables you to listen through one ear and to examine your room with another.

Although it’s soundstage is confined and less airy for Open-Back headphones, yet it can produce good sound. With the detailed sound, these headphones are likable among the people.

When it’s about the inner structure of Audio-Technica ATH M40X, then there is a unique earth magnet and copper cover aluminum voice coils wire with the operators of 40 millimeters. This structure gives you a clear and smooth sound for listening.

You can use Audio-Technica ATH M40X in the noisy environment because it’s circumaural design curved with the ear to produce excellent sound isolation.

Except these all, Audio-Technica ATH M40X comes with competent ear pads, detachable cables with a rigid structure that gives you comfort.

Final Verdict

If you want a good headphone for your professional line, to use in piano sessions and in-home as the digital piano learner, you can go for Audio Technica ATH M40X. It will prove an excellent addition to your music world.


There are many headphones in the market that give you a pleasant listening experience, but their costs are too high, but PHILIPS give you headphones in your budget range with good quality.

  • Good soundstage
  • Provide longer wearing comfort
  • Amazing clarity in sound
  • Airy as open back
  • Vast frequency range of 12-35000Hz
  • Excessive leakage of sound
  • Open back with no noise isolation effect
  • Ear-pads are not removable
  • By look it’s a heavy type of headphone



The PHILIPS SHP9500 is a beautiful type of headset. It’s apparent look, including ear pads and headbands, may seem a little bit cheaper, but when you wear it, you feel relaxed all the time.

It is an open back headphone type, which is very large in size but very light in weight with 50mm neodymium drivers. It will deliver you an inspiring sound range for your relaxation.

Double Layered Headband Cushion

When the cable length of the headphone is concerned, then PHILIPS SHP 9500 provides you 1.5m long detachable cable with a 3.5mm plug so you can quickly move with your device. It also has an adapter of 1.4″, which makes a natural connection with a digital piano.

The PHILIPS SHP9500 gives you a double layered headband cushion that enhances your comfort level and breathable ear cushion for excessive use with ease.

The production of the sound of this headphone as compared to other devices within this range is quite likable and impressive. The only disadvantage is its open back structure. It leaked the sound out of the headphones with zero noise isolation quality.

Final Verdict

This is the headphone set with almost all the positive reviews within an affordable price range with all the best qualities one can wish for. It is tough even for some expensive headphones to compete with the excellent features of PHILIPS SHP9500.

3. Yamaha HPH 50B

The Yamaha HPH 50B is an amazing headphone type with fantastic sound. Although this headphone is available with plane features yet these are amazing for the new entry headphone users.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Noise isolation feature is good
  • Comfortable while listening for a log time period
  • Some kind of trouble can be faced by people who have wider heads



The Yamaha HPH 50B is an incredible type of headphone that is mostly useful for the entry-level player due to its compact and simple structure. This is the best choice for you within your budget range if you want to enjoy a loud sound.

The sharp and modish look increased its demand among the people. It is available in black and white colors. Now you can match your headphones with your digital piano device.

Gold Plated Stereo Plug & Cable

The Yamaha HPH 50B gives a flexible structure which you can adjust according to your ears as it can rotate up to 90°c. This is possible just due to the Swivel Mechanism found in this type of headphones. It enhances the comfort level so you can use Yamaha HPH 50B for a long time.

When it’s about the whole structure of the Yamaha HPH 50B, then there is a Gold plated stereo plug and a cable with a length of 2 meters, which gives you a perfect connection for your device.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha HPH 50B comes with professional sound features. So if you want an entry-level headphone with sharp sound in an affordable range, then surely Yamaha HPH 50B is a fit choice for you.

4. Beyerdynamic DT 770

The most talented headphone precisely constructed on the features that are very suitable for the studio is none other than the Beyerdynamic DT 770.

  • Ear pads are removable and really soft to avoid any harshness
  • Can easily connect with the mobile devices other than digital pianos
  • Excellent material quality
  • Breathable Membrane
  • Long-Lasting
  • Notice cancellation upto 20 decibels
  • Require too much storage capacity



The Beyerdynamic DT 770 is a closed headed headphone that is specially designed for the control of experienced and delicate sound and music for the studios and mobiles like the iPhone. Its professional sound is undoubtedly very impressive.

There is a very remarkable and unusual Bass system present in the Beyerdynamic DT 770. This is the real secret behind the professional and adorable sound of the headphone. It’s cutting edge drivers also make it impressive because these are handmade in Germany.

Breathable Membrane Feature

The most distinctive feature of the Beyerdynamic DT 770 is its Breathable Membrane. The membrane of the headphone easily permits to pass out the excessive air and sweating while working. Due to this, you can listen to the sound, which has frequencies between 5 to 35,000Hz. This feature also makes it very special for the critical listening experience.

Let’s have a look at the inner structure of Beyerdynamic DT 770. All material is quality-wise perfect, including neodymium magnets, anodized aluminum forks, headband of spring steel, soft earpads, and complex housings. The cable with this headphone is single-sided to handle quickly, and it’s soft earpads are comfortable in use for a long period.

The Beyerdynamic DT 770’s texture is so wondrous and sound that it can work smoothly under critical conditions.

Final Verdict

Are you looking for a professional type of headphone for your studio and stage work?
If yes, then your search should be stopped there because the Beyerdynamic DT 770 is here for you.

5. Sony MDR-7506

The Sony MDR-7506 is a renowned headphone amongst music professionals all over the world.

  • Almost none leakage of sound
  • Give detailed sound which is near to the reality
  • Sound isolation is good
  • No flow of air, create discomfort while uses it for a long time



So, the Sony MDR-7506 is a popular and legendary headphone. This is so because it gives you real sound without any coloration, which is very close to the real source.

It’s a closed-ear headphone type and will give you almost perfect noise isolation to make the environment friendly for your work.

Gold connector with Oxygen-free Copper(OFC) Cord

The Sony MDR-7506 lets you enjoy its tough design, Gold connector, 40mm driver units, and Oxygen-free Copper(OFC) cord. Just because of the unique features, it is excessively popular among the recording studios, film production houses, radio, and many other places where the high quality of sound is in demand.

This is the headphone with approximately no sound leakage. If anyone wants to listen from the outside of the headphone, the volume of sound must be very high.

The Sony MDR-7506 provides you with a soft case. You can use it for the safety of your headphones while traveling. It also gives you a 9.8-foot long detachable cord. These types of headphones come with large, rigid foldable headphones, closed-ear design, and very responsive nature.

With all the amazing features, the Sony MDR-7506 frequency response varies from 10 Hertz to 20 kiloHertz. Now, you can use it for sound monitoring easily.

Final Verdict

If you’re in search of a closed-ear headphone type that is perfect for the production houses and studios that you must give a chance to Sony MDR-7506. It is a legendary headphone type for professionalists.

Things to Consider Before you Buy a Headphone for Digital Piano

Before choosing the top best Headphones, you must have a look at the factors that are very important to consider.

These factors included types of headphones, its structure, and its versatility. Before going to purchase any Headphones, you must have a look at these tips that directly influence your choice. So that you would not face any problem related to the headphones, let’s start!

Headphones Types

The first factor which cannot be neglected is the different types of headphones for the digital piano. When you are searching for the top headphones, you will come across multiple types. These types include earbud, over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones. If you are going for the best type of recommended headphones, then over-ear headphones suit you the most. These Over-Ear Headphones are further divided into two forms:

Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones

Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones are a more effective and demanding style of headphones than the other open back. This style gives you a clear voice with the cancellation ability of new voices.

The rigid and firm structure of its outer case makes the prevention of other voices possible to get access to your ears. By this, you can do your work with more concentration. Now, you haven’t worry about others’ opinions about your tones as no one can listen to you. Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones are likable for the people who live in a “noisy environment,” and for practice, these headphones help them. DJs also prefer this type of piano for their convenience.

The Closed Back Over-ear headphones may tire your eardrums after using them continuously as it gives louder sound than others.

Open Back Over-Ear Headphones

Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones are not as popular as the above one. These headphones are likable just because of natural sound production. This headphone pair can be comfortably used in the “quieter environment” where there is no one to make any disturbance into your piano practice.

The sound produced by these headphones is somehow natural, so the ears are not bothering by using them for a long time.

The cheapest headphones are also present in the market, but these do not work properly, so we must choose wisely which type of digital headphones are suitable for you.

Importance of Soundstage

The soundstage is the ability of a device to create the tones more clearly that it is close to the real source. It is a contribution to the soundproof effect of the headphones.

The soundstage is useful for production. It’s tough to find out this function in a pair of headphones. But there are very few special and unique types of headphones also available which have soundstage quality.

To find out the headphones with soundstage quality, you must go for the high-quality digital piano’s headphones. It will provide you with an impressive soundstage for more creative and outstanding playing experience.

Comfort Ability of a Headphone

When it’s all about headphones, then the comfortability level of headphones can’t be neglected. The unique pair of headphones are more likable with more comfortability.

If you tend to wear headphones for continuously long periods, then you must choose the headphones that are suitable for your ears. It will help you to listen to the sound or tones without any painful experience.

Some people don’t use headphones excessively. For them, any kind of headphones is useful. They use headphones or earbuds for really a short period. By this, their ear remains safe from any irritation.

So, before having any type of headphones, always learn about the comfortability of these.

Quality- very basic concern

Last but not least, when you are going to choose any headphones, don’t forget to check out the quality of them. Excellent and excellent quality of anything makes it reliable for the customers. So, always choose the best quality pair of headphones for yourself.

Sometimes, people ignore the quality due to expense which does not prove profitable. The lower quality headphones aren’t long-lasting.


What are the Best Piano Headphones for Purchasing?

There are a variety of different and unique headphones for digital piano present in the market. Which piano headphone’s pair is suitable for you, is finally decided by you.

We informed you in our article about the things which you have to consider before selecting any headphone for yourself. These factors include the types, comfort zone, quality, and soundstage of a headphone. From these crucial factors, you have to choose which type of headphone is suitable for you. Although we are here to guide you, Yet the real chooser is you.

Why do you need Headphones for your digital piano?

There are many reasons behind the purchase of any top headphones for your keyboard or digital piano. First of all, you must discover the logic by which you want the pair of headphones because this reason further decides about the type you need.

If you want to get rid of the noisy environment while practicing on the piano, then you must go with closed-back over-ear headphones. It will save you from any disturbance from your surroundings.

But if you are a polished and advanced piano player and want that type of headphones’ pair which even pick the lowest tone than most advanced high-end headphones’ couple are precisely for you.

Here we explain to you about the different reasons by which headphones are needed commonly. Now, you have to choose for what purpose you need headphones than go for it.


Piano playing is a very passionate hobby or skill to master. If you are serious about this, you must go with reliable piano devices like headphones and earbuds. The best sounding devices make your piano playing experience more refreshing than ever.

And when you want a recommended headphone, then you must choose the headphone with noise cancellation feature. It will surely provide you a pleasant learning experience. We give you detailed knowledge about the things that must be considered for headphone shopping. I hope you will find this helpful.

We provided you with the top best headphones list with their features, pros, and cons. It will surely help you to grab a unique and best pair of headphones for your digital piano.