Best Digital Piano Under 1000 [ 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide]

Piano playing usually considered an expensive hobby, but it is not so true as we presented a list of Best Digital Pianos Under 1000 to you.

Although there are a lot of expensive options in Digital piano for beginners and majority piano players cannot afford that one. And therefore, the pianos with 1000 are available in the market. You just have to choose wisely.

Alesis Recital 61

Best Digital Piano Under 1000

  • Electric Keyboard
  • Built-in-Speakers
  • Ten Premium Voices


Korg LP-380

Best Digital Piano Under 1000

  • Slim
  • Stylish Rich Design
  • 3-Pedals


Yamaha YDP-103

Best Digital Piano Under 1000

  • Stereo Sampling
  • Controller iOS App
  • Dual-Mode


Best Digital Piano Under 1000

Under the light of our experience, we consider Best Digital Piano under 1000 as a complex topic and try our best to guide you straightforwardly.

We cover every aspect of Digital Pianos in the range of 1000. Our site helps you to choose a better option that has every feature that is required by you within 1000.

No doubt, acoustic pianos are expensive ones, but Best Digital Piano under 1000 not only fulfills your need for playing but also very suitable for your pocket that multiplies your happiness.

These are the some Best Digital Pianos Under 1000. I hope you will find this list of top pianos quite applicable for your choice.

Best Digital Piano Under 1000 [Reviews 2021]



Alesis Recital 61
  • Electric Keyboard
  • Built-in-Speakers
  • Ten Premium Voices

Korg LP-380
  • Slim
  • Stylish Rich Design
  • 3-Pedals

Yamaha YDP-103
  • Stereo Sampling
  • Controller iOS App
  • Dual-Mode

Casio Privia PX-870
  • Furniture Bench
  • Instructional Book
  • Online Lessons

Roland FP-30
  • Responsive Tone
  • Powerful Amplifier
  • Wireless Connectivity

Casio PX-860 BK
  • Ivory Feel
  • Tri-Sensor
  • 88-Keys Ebony

Korg SP-280 BK
  • LightWeight
  • Stereo Audio
  • Expensive Look

1. Alesis Recital 61

The digital piano extremely beneficial for the beginners is Alesis Recital 61. It has many sharp features. Let’s have a look at these.

  • Semi-weighted keys
  • 10 voices which are changeable
  • 128 Max. notes in polyphony
  • Best for student teacher
  • Free live Piano lesson
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Tracks of settings and other function are sometimes missing



Alesis Recital 61 comes with 61 full-sized semi-weighted keys with variable touch responses. Now, you can change the touch response according to your playing style.

It has a complete package of premium sounds, which includes 10-voices of an acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth, etc. You can easily combine two of these voices with the help of Layer Mode. That increases the feel of playing.

Stereo Headphone Output and Stereo RCA Output

Alesis Recital 61 comes with Stereo Headphone Output and Stereo RCA Output. The stereo headphone output is a fantastic function for those who want to practice privately. And Stereo RCA outputs form an excellent connection to amplifiers or speakers.

If a digital piano comes with a power adapter, then it's more fascinating towards its players. Alesis Recital 61 has a power adapter or 6 D cell batteries(not included). By this, a piano player can enjoy his playing wherever he wants to do so.

The fascinating feature of Alesis Recital 61 is the capability of free live classes from TakeLessons. It lasts for two months. By this, you can interact with other persons and seek in a short time under the team of professional instructors.

Alesis Recital has 128 max. Notes in Polyphony that helps the beginners to learn with more options. It's all features that are remarkably supported to a beginner and fresher.

Final Verdict

If you want a digital piano for beginners and Freshers with powerful features within the list of Best Digital Piano Under 1000, then Alesis Recital is a bright choice.

2. Korg LP-380

Korg LP-380 is an exciting addition to the list of Best Digital Piano under 1000. Due to its prominent features, it became a part of our list.

  • Slim and glossy style
  • Easy to use
  • RH3 action keys hammer action
  • 30 preset design
  • Feel of grand piano
  • Adjustable to room
  • MIDI Recorder is missing
  • No lesson function
  • USB connection is also not available



It cannot be wrong If it said that Korg LP-380 is a good alternative in the approachable budget to C1 Air and G1 Air.

LP-380 has a beauteous slim and smart look with 88 keys. With its compact design of 26 cm in-depth, it can easily fit into every corner of your room. Now, it's not an issue for players to put the piano aside if it not used regularly as it became part of interior decoration.

30 Built-in songs, including 20 Piano & 10-Demos Songs

This piano Korg LP-380 has the quality of RH3( real weighted Hammer Action 3) in keys, which gives you a soulful feel while playing it.

The above cabinet with flat- top looks unique even when the keys are covered.  It also has a high amplifier and speaker system, which gives you an acoustic grand piano sound feel. Speakers have large diameters so that the player can enjoy the pure and strong music.

LP-380 is available within two bright colors of white and black. Now it is only up to the user which color is suited to His or Her environment.

Korg LP-380 has a broader range of sound as compared to other pianos in the list. With Classic Grand Piano sounds, it leaves an everlasting impact.

When it's about songs, LP-380 has 30 built-in songs, including 20 Piano and 10-demos songs in it. The player can smoothly playback and play along with these songs. But you can't shift the sound of the song. So, you cannot practice with L and R hands separately.

When it's about Connectivity, then LP-380 has no good news for its customer as it has no Bluetooth or even USB ports are also missing. It is the portion in which this piano is lacking in quality.

Final Verdict

If you want a digital piano that gives the complete feel of an acoustic grand piano and USB, Bluetooth connection doesn't matter for you than Korg LP-380 is the best choice for you.

3. Yamaha YDP-103

Best Digital Piano Under 1000In our list of Best Digital Piano Under 1000, we added Yamaha YDP-103 to brighten up your options. It is a renowned piano due to its top quality.

  • Slim and glossy Console piano
  • Amazing piano sound
  • Graded hammer action keys
  • Dual mode
  • Half damper pedal control
  • AWM sound system
  • All sounds aren't of high quality
  • Low polyphony



The primary purpose was to add Yamaha YDP-103 into the list of best digital pianos under 1000, as this facilitated the Freshers with its delightful features.

It is a good looking and slim console piano. YDP-103 has a Graded Hammer Action of keys, which entertains you the most by giving the feel of an acoustic piano.

AWM Advanced Wave Memory Synthesis

Keyboard's key structure is the most demanding one. Yamaha YDP-103 has Black matte key tops that absorb your fingers moisture and make the surface sensual.

Yamaha YDP-103 has a sound system of AWM Advanced Wave Memory synthesis. It gives the sound an effect of stereo sampling, which enhances the natural feel of it.

When it comes to Voices, YDP-103 has overall 10-voices( 10 piano demo songs, 10-voice demo songs). These voices increase the options for you while playing.

Yamaha YDP-103 surprises you with piano Controller Apps. With this, you can work with the flow as it makes quick and more relaxed the process of navigation and configuration.

With its Dual-Mode feature, Yamaha YDP-103 gives you a chance to play voices in combination like strings and piano for a refreshing experience.

Final Verdict

Yamaha YDP-103 is the unbeatable and affordable choice for you when you're looking forward to a learning piano in the list of Best Digital Piano under 1000.

4. Casio PX-870

Best Digital Piano Under 1000Casio introduced its most beautiful and updated type of piano in the shape of PX-870. This piano has a prominent place when we talk about the list of Best Digital Piano under 1000.

  • 88- Tri sensor keys
  • 4 layer piano tone
  • 256 notes in polyphony
  • The sound projection system of 20W×2
  • Textured feel from the keyboard
  • Concert paly
  • MIDI and WAV audio recorder
  • Chordana play app
  • Slim in view
  • The key action is slightly noisier as compare to others
  • Limited split mode just bass voice on the left-hand section



Casio PX-870 is the digital piano with 88 full-sized keys. It has the familiar feature of Casio in the shape of the Tri sensor Hammer's action.

This sensitive nature and hammer action keyboard give a warm feel while playing the piano. Its keys are also ivory and ebony simulated that enhance the textured for a warm feeling.

Excellent Morphing Air Sound Source

When it's about the sound system, the PX-870 has an excellent Morphing Air Sound source, with an option of 4 layered piano tone. It is undoubtedly an exciting feature as it enhances the realistic approach of the piano.

As Casio PX-870 comes with refined features such as damper resonance, keys on/off actions, string resonance, lid simulator, etc. So a player can quickly achieve the level of aesthetic pleasure.

Its Flagship model shows you the more authenticity in the playing, which is demanded by the piano player of any level.

Casio PX-870 has a renovated cabinet, advanced sound system, and a 40W sound system. The advancement of the PX-870 increased when the sound system of 40W was present with 4-speakers. It transmits the sound in a full, rich, and reliable form that gives you a feel of the acoustic player.

Polyphony of PX-870 has 256 notes that are worth mentioning as it allows the keys to produce sound in more ranges. And remember, this is the only piano with 256 notes, included in the group of Best Digital Piano under 1000.

PX-870 has MIDI and WAV capacity by which you can record your performance. In easy language, you can produce the real sound and then record it to share with your friends and family.

It has a feature of Concert Play with different 10-tunes, which are from the orchestral symphony. Firstly you can play orchestral solo for your practice then play with orchestra accompaniment.

Final Verdict

Casio PX-870 is the unbeatable option for a house due to its multiple features supporting it. Everything which you want in the piano usable for homes is present in it. It may be an exclusive addition to your choice.

5. Roland FP-30

Best Digital Piano Under 1000When we talk about the best digital piano under 1000, then Roland also proves an inspiring accession into it. Its FP-30 is a portable piano keyboard.

  • PH4 standard keyboard
  • SuperNatural sound engine
  • Max. 128 notes in polyphony
  • On board recorder, record upto 30,000 notes
  • Realistic feel
  • Portable
  • Some versatility can be enhanced



Roland FP-30 has 88 keys with a PH4 standard keyboard. With this feature, the piano gives a more authentic feel than ever. The ivory action of the keys makes them feel great for you.

When it's about the sound engine of Roland FP-30, so there are SuperNatural sound engines, including 29 voices plus organs. Roland's piano shows realism in key-off resonance, damper, and strings. It makes it more expressive than ever.

Keyboard with Dual, Split, & Twin Mode

FP-30's keyboard is available with Dual, Split, and Twin mode. Through these modes, you can enhance your playing experience as it has a large section of piano sounds like organ, strings, voices, drum, etc.  And for sure, the twinning mode of Roland FP-30 is impressive from a learning point of view.

Its stable amplifier and stereotype speaker give you an expressive sound. Now you can also entertain yourself without disturbing others with the idea of headphone output and quiet keyboard action.

Roland FP-30 now enables you to connect your piano with renowned Apps like piaScore, Sheet music, etc. on your cell phone and tablet with in-Built Bluetooth connectivity. Now, go and explore the world in your way.

It's SMF recorder allot you to record your performance and save it through USB memory connection. You can also play your sound with your likable SMF and WAV songs.

With lightweight and compact style Roland FP-30 is the exciting portable range for you from the group of Best digital piano under 1000.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for the portable yet best digital piano under 1000, then you are in the right place. Roland FP-30 may prove an attractive choice for you.

6. Casio PX860 BK Privia

Best Digital Piano Under 1000Casio is one of the renowned firms that established an excellent variety of Digital pianos. These pianos are expensive ones, but Casio also gives Best Digital Piano under 1000, which is Casio PX860 BK Privia.

  • 88-Hammer action keys
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Three sustain pedals
  • 3-year warranty
  • For beginners only
  • Not for classical piano players



Casio PX860 BK Privia is a full-sized keyboard with 88 keys. This piano keyboard has hammer action and touch-sensitive keys that give you a real feel of a grand piano. You can choose the sensitivity of keys as it has 3-levels of insensitivity. These Tri-sensor scaled keys help you to get pleasure while playing.

When it's about pianos, then it is not possible that Air engine in sound is missing. This feature is available even in the best digital piano under 1000 by Casio. By this Air technology PX860, BK  Privia produces an inspiring sound.

Concert Play Function Feature

All the refined and amazing features are available in Casio PX860 Bk Privia. No doubt, this is a compact type of stage piano under 1000.

Here is the new feature by Casio in this piano is its Concert Play function. Due to this, players can play the keyboard with another companion. It makes the PX860 BK Privia the concert piano.

This piano has three sustain pedals and power pedals in it. It can allow you to play anything according to your wish. It has a lid that used for changing the tune manually.

The list of Best Digital Piano under 1000 has a PX860 BK Privia, a firm, and concert great piano with a 3-year warranty. So it's a fantastic choice for you.

Final Verdict

We include Casio PX860 BK Privia in the list of Best Digital Piano Under 1000 due to its supreme feature. It is the best piano for beginners.

7. Korg SP-280

Best Digital Piano Under 1000Another right choice in a digital piano is the Korg SP-280. Its features thoroughly explained below.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Along with Black stand
  • Best for stage players
  • Power adapter
  • Realistic sounds
  • Beginners aren't really impressed by this type of pianos



Korg SP-280 has 88 Natural weighted Hammer Action (NH) keys, which gives you a complete feel of acoustic or grand digital piano.

The piano player can genuinely enjoy this piano as it also has 120 Max. Notes in polyphony.

Authentic Vintage Electric Piano Sounds

As Korg SP-280 inspired by Grand and Acoustic pianos, therefore, it has 30 voices in it, including 5-acoustic types, 6-electric and many others like organs, guitars, choir, harpsichord, etc.

When it comes to sound, Korg never disappoints you with Authentic Vintage Electric piano sounds in SP-280. It enables you to perform live on the stage for the best responses. Not only a sound system, but it also has a power adapter of 15W, which helps you to perform without interruption.

Korg SP-280 is a portable digital piano that isn't bound to any place. You can play it wherever you want and also can easily carry with yourself due to its lower weight.

This piano has an optional pedal unit (PU-2) added softness into the already available damper pedal. It enhances the playing experience.

Final Verdict

Korg SP-280 is the bright choice for stage musicians and players. If you only want to learn through this, then you may go for other ones, but in the field of live performance, this would be the right choice.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Piano Under 1000

According to our research work, we presented an authentic list of Best Digital Piano Under 1000 to you. This list included the best pianos' details about features, design, and specialty. I hope you can find out the best one according to your wish from this list updated by us.

But if in any case, unluckily you haven't found any exciting piano, then here we describe to you about the things which are necessary to consider before buying a digital piano. We hope that this will surely help you out.

When you are searching for the best digital piano under 1000, you find a lengthy list, from which you have to find the keyboard you want. And for choosing the best, you should better know about features, qualities, and appearance that required for the right digital piano under 1000.

So, we are here to help you out by mentioning some worthy features that must be kept in your mind while buying a piano. These are some prominent things to consider before going for a piano shopping:


Keys are the most prominent part of every digital piano. These are various in numbers and shapes. When it's about the numbers of the keys of the digital piano, then we found 88, 76, 73 and 66 keys.

The piano with 88 keys is considered an acoustic and great grand piano. But more than half digital pianos under 1000 are available with 73 and 76 keys, which are pretty enough if you are a beginner or a learner.

The digital pianos with 66 keys are just right for the children. So when you are going to choose any keyboard, keep in mind which piano keys are suitable for you.


The portability of every digital piano is directly related to its weight. If you want an acoustic and grand type of digital piano, which gives you pure feel while playing, then you have to skip the portion of portability.

But if you want the best digital piano under 1000, which is portable, then it must be lighter in weight.

Portability is the basic requirement for the learner and the performers who have to travel with their piano. And if you lie in this category, you must choose a lighter digital piano for yourself.

Hammer Actions of keys

When everything is versatile in this world, then we also found versatility in the Actions of keys. This versatility divides keys into three main types, which are Non-weighted, Semi-weighted, and Fully weighted Hammer action keys.

Non-weighted keys are for children so that they feel no weight under the fingers while pressing the piano keys.

Semi-weighted keys are the ones that are mostly available in portable keyboards. While playing, a player can feel the weight of spring-loaded with keys.

And the most important Fully weighted Hammer Action keys are very likable by the players of acoustic pianos. There is a small hammer instead of the spring, which gives a very realistic feel of the keyboard.

From the above types of actions that are present in the keys of the best digital piano under 1000, you have to pick up the one which key action you like the most. So, be careful!


Polyphony is the fundamental thing that must be kept in mind while purchasing a digital piano. It is the capacity of a digital piano by which different numbers of notes can produce.

The polyphony of every digital piano differs from the other. Nowadays, most digital pianos provide 64, 128, 192, or 256 notes in polyphony. You should prefer 192 or 256 voices in polyphony for better learning and playing experience.

But sometimes there is a limit of 64 and 128 voices in polyphony, which are pretty enough for beginners. So, you have to choose wisely about the polyphony you need.

Modes of Digital Pianos under 1000

There are different modes presented by different companies in their pianos. Some of the most demanding modes are these:

  • Dual-Mode

Dual-mode is also known as layering. Because by this mode, you can lay out two different sounds at the same time while playing the piano. For example, with this mode, you can play piano sound with strings or whatever you want to play to produce an exciting combination.

  • Duo-Mode

With the help of duo mode, you can play piano with your partner or teacher simultaneously. The duo mode can twin your piano keyboard so that you can play it with your partner to learn with more fluency. It is handy for students as they can easily play the same tune along with their teacher.

  • Split Mode

The split mode is exciting. Through this mode, you can create a fantastic combination as it allows you to play different instrumental sounds at the same time. The split mode can divide your keyboard into two parts while playing; therefore, you can create two different sounds.

For example, when your keyboard is split into two parts, you can play the piano with your left hand and guitar with your right hand at the same time.

  • Lesson Mode

There are some digital pianos available with Lesson mode. In this mode, you can turn off the left and right hand of the track of already downloaded songs and practice it through playing it back. The digital pianos which have this function mostly have multi-track MIDI- recorder.

Sound System

The sound system of any piano is very necessary to be checked before buying it. Your digital piano must have a good speaker system so that the tune which is played by you also listens to you clearly on the spot. There must be no ambiguous sound produced by the sound system.

Touch Sensitivity

When you want a digital piano that gives amazing feel while playing, then you must go for the keyboard which keys have touch sensitivity nature. If the keys have a touch-sensitive nature, you'll find it soulful as it has the pure feel of a piano in it. This feature is almost available in every digital piano keyboard.

MIDI Recorder

In the best digital piano, MIDI Recorders are very necessary. With the help of this recorder, you can record and playback your performance smoothly without any other apparatus. You can also create complex tunes through MIDI Recorder.

It also enables you for multi-track recording as you can record track 1 on the right-hand division and track 2 on the left hand with playback listening. But remember, MIDI Recorder can't record the actual sound. It records length, velocity, sequence, and other parameters.

Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder is the capability of any digital piano by which the real sound of the device can be recorded quickly. It can be saved into a flash drive.

This audio Recorder allows you to enjoy the real universal sound in the recording with CD-quality audio tracks. It's the best part this can work without the requirement of any additional software. So, before purchasing any digital piano, you must concentrate on the recorder type.

Tuning & Transpose System

As the name shows, in the tuning system, you can set the tune of your piano keyboard according to another one to match the pitch of the sounds. This system can be used to catch the pitch of old pianos or the desired ones.

And in the transpose system, you can easily convert the complete pitch of the keyboard. This function is used when you want to do something new. For example, with transpose, you can transform the complex chord into an easier one.


Some digital pianos come with different effects. It means while creating any sound, and you can add various effects which can reflect the feel of acoustic pianos. If you have a good variety of effects, then you have an extra grip on the sound during the playing section.


The option of the pedal can be neglected for the starter and the ones who are new to the piano. But if you are an experienced player, you must go with the option of the plug-in pedal at the time of need. The choice is yours, whether you like to sustainable pedals or plug-in pedals.

Connectivity Options

There are different types of connectivity options depending on devices. Some pianos allow connectivity through USB portals. By this, you can directly connect the drive with your keyboard to get data quickly. Now, you can save your recordings through the flesh drive.

On the other hand, there is also a USB to Host connection available. By which you can connect your digital piano to the computer or other devices to replace files and data. By this, you can get access to different apps.

These are the grave concerning points that must be considered by a person who goes for the Best digital piano shopping under 1000. You will find these points helpful, hopefully.


What is the best digital piano for beginners?

There are many brands in the market in which pianos are very best for beginners. Yamaha's P115 and P45 are the best for freshers with exciting features. Alesis Recital is also a great addition to the best digital piano list for beginners.

And if you are searching for an accurate digital piano for your kid, then you must go with Rock Jam. It is a piano cum toy. It not only teaches your children how to play but also entertain him or her with its toys like nature.

What are the Top Piano Keyboard Brands?

When it's all about the best digital piano keyboard brand, then you must keep Yamaha, Casio and Roland pianos into your consideration list. These brands will provide you with a wide variety of best digital piano keyboards.

What Digital Pianos for advanced Pianists?

The piano with the effect of acoustic and grand piano is likable by the advanced Pianist. And if you want any name in this category, then you may choose Yamaha YDP143R. It is a grand console piano that gives you a fantastic feel and what you want.

What is the Best Sounding Digital Piano?

Best sounding digital pianos depend upon your choice of listening as to which type of sound you prefer most. But in our opinion, Yamaha YDP143R and Alesis Recital are the best sounding digital pianos.


When you are searching for the Best Digital Piano under 1000, multiple choices are waiting for you. So, it's challenging to choose the best one from these. Don't worry; we are here to convert your difficulty into ease.

First of all, try to find out from yourself which type of piano you are looking for, when you figure out that you are a beginner, fresher, professional, stage player, etc. Then go for the keyboard, which has the characteristics according to your taste. By this, you can quickly get what you want.

We present a list of the best digital piano under 1000 to you as a guideline. Now, you can quickly check all the features of the desired one from this list and go for it. We bright your way with our work. It will surely bring ease and prove helpful to you. So, you can buy the digital piano for yourself, which you find the best.