Best Digital Piano for Beginners 2021 – A Complete Buyer Guide

Beginners in every field are a class that needs some guidelines to move on. In the case of Best digital Piano for beginners, we assist you!

When it comes to the hobby, playing the piano is the most adored one. But the choice of the Piano, precisely according to the wish and budget, is quite challenging to find out.

It is the time taking task to choose the best digital piano for beginners that must have excellent quality and should be budget-friendly.

Casio CTK-3500

  • Battery with Ac adapter
  • Budget-friendly
  • Built-in speakers


Yamaha YPT-260

  • Portable
  • Power adapter
  • Record & Playback


Casio SA-76

  • Built-in songs book
  • LCD screen
  • Best for your child


Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Here we cover every single corner. You must have a look at the list of top good beginner keyboard pianos if you want to choose something unique for you.

But Stop!

You do not need to worry about that because we are here to give you the most authentic suggestions related to the best digital Piano for beginners, which surely helps you in choosing your demanding one.

There is an abundance of pianos, creating confusion for beginners. So, we introduce this list of keyboards to you with all qualities, structure, and insignificance for your ease.

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners [ 2021 Reviews ]


Yamaha  YPT-260
  • Portable
  • Foldable Stand & Bench
  • Record & Playback Mode

Casio CTK-3500
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Power Battery & Adapter
  • Budget-Friendly

RockJam 54-Key
  • Traditional look
  • Two Versions
  • Inbuilt Learning Mode

Yamaha P45
  • Dual-Mode
  • USB Connectivity
  • GHS Weighted

Yamaha YDP-S34
  • USB connectivity
  • Half Damper Pedal
  • Interchangeable Content

Hamzer 61-Key
  • Versatility in Keyboard
  • Built-in Learning System
  • Portable

Casio PX770
  • Duet Mode
  • Free Choranda Play App
  • Stereo Amplification

Casio SA76
  • Inexpensive
  • Best for Your Child
  • Built-in Songs Book

Roland RP102
  • Three Pedal Control
  • 200 On-board Songs
  • USB & Bluetooth

Roland Go:Keys
  • Loop Mix Functions
  • Lightweight
  • Alexa Voice Technology

1. Yamaha YPT-260 – Best Portable Digital Piano for Beginners

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

The Yamaha YPT-260 specially made up for the beginners. It has unique qualities with affordability.

Its characteristics are attractive to the starting ones and make you learn more conveniently.

  • Portable
  • Foldable stand and Bench
  • Low Price
  • PS-130 power adapter
  • Four Hand Mode for learning
  • Record and Playback
  • Not advertise USB Connection
  • The learning function is not really useful



The Yamaha YPT-260 is an amazing piano with a portable keyboard. Its keyboard has 61 sensitive velocity keys with 32 numbers of polyphony, which is fairly good enough.

You can easily enjoy its four-hand mode because it splits the keyboard into two pianos for your comfort. It’s also great for students-teachers side by side playing.

Let’s talk about its voices, Yamaha YPT-260 gives you 400 voices including organs, orchestral and piano sounds. It also has 130 auto-accompaniment sounds and 112 onboard songs. This leads you to enjoy the perfect and immense voice experience.

Amazingly used for Students-Teacher Collaboration

Its versatility has no boundaries. It is amazingly used for students-teacher collaboration as it gives you an Educational Suite with 9 steps Learning Functions and free downloadable songs book, that helps you to start your journey more conveniently.

It also gives you a PS130 power adapter which can facilitate you with an uninterrupted experience of learning the piano.AUX input permits you to play with music from computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

You can relish this feature while playing because it enhances your learning skills.

It gives you a record and playback function that gives improvements to your playing. Its one-touch function impresses you a lot. Its versatility increases its demand.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha YPT-260 with 61-keys is very helpful for beginners and learners and it may prove a bright option for you. With this Piano, from nothing, you become something.

2. Casio CTK-3500 - Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Casio, the company that always gives you a wider range of Pianos.

It surprises you with amazing features of digital Piano for beginners that are not only enjoyable but also very expressive.

  • Power battery with Ac adapter
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile, many voices, and tones
  • Free Chordana play App, for learning
  • Built-in speakers
  • Easily portable
  • Sounds are not interesting like others



Here Casio included an exciting choice of Piano, surely impressive. It is a Casio CTK-3500. It is very splendid and striking that may shock you with its price, as it's affordable with top-rated features.

Dance Music Mode

Casio CTK-3500 is available with 61 full-size keys. Its keyboard has velocity-sensitive keys that give you a greater aesthetic feel to enjoy while playing with 48 notes in polyphony.

Not only this, but Casio CTK-3500 also provides a powerful battery with Ac adapter and X-style stand that makes it convenient for learning, whether you are in or out doesn't matter for it at all. Auto power off is useful.

In a digital area, Casio entertains you with w/50 built-in speakers and closed cup shape headphones. Both are profitable and conducive. CTK-3500, don't let you down with its 400 tones and 150 rhythms.

It also gives you a variety of drum beats, low-fi, flanger, synth parts, filters, and many others. Now, you can create different tones.

Last but not least, Casio CTK-3500 lets you fall in love with its Dance music mode. Because it enhances your creative skills with electronic dance music. Now you can make beats and enjoy the feel.

You can easily connect your Android plus IOs devices to the Piano free Chordana Play App. It teaches you how to play your desired songs. It's a unique keyboard for beginners.

Final Verdict

Casio CTK-3500 is a solid yet flimsy practice keyboard piano with a better choice. It is very reliable because you start your journey with none to something amazing. We think you have to give it a chance to impress you.

3. RockJam 54-key - Electronic Keyboard 

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

As we talk about the top best keyboard piano for beginners. So, how can we forget about the Rock Jam keyboard? Its antique look inspires you the most.

  • Affordable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Traditional look
  • Two versions
  • Two inbuilt Learning Mode
  • Not with 88 keys
  • Absence of teaching mode



Rock Jam has two different versions because of its keyboard. One portable keyboard is with 54 full-sized keys and the other one is with 66 large keys.

These electronic keyboards have full large-sized keys that attract you easily.

Rock jam beginner keyboard with 54-keys has the main power adapter and casual batteries, which are beneficial for both working in the house or out of the house.

While the keyboard with 66 keys has a power adapter only. Both have sheet Music Stand, ideal for playing the Piano while reading music.

When it comes to speakers and sounds, both versions of Rock Jam give you an excellent choice. Rock Jam, 54 keys, has two inbuilt stereo type speakers to examine your work. The Other with 66 keys, has headphones that allow you to practice without disturbance.

Rock Jam 54 keys entertain you with an LCD that motivates you. It's keynote stickers are also worth mentioning. These stickers prominently have the tone for your convenience; you can create tone without mistake.

This Piano has 8 demo songs with 100 sounds effects and 100 rhythms, which enhance your learning experience.

Two Inbuilt Learning Mode

Rock Jam with 66 keys, impress you with MP3 playback USB, 40 demo songs with 400 rhythms, and 46 notes to expand your vision. This Piano also introduces Two inbuilt learning mode and exclusive apps content, which is very beneficial for your learning side.

It has all pops and rocks sounds to play. You can connect it with devices too.

Final Verdict

Rock Jam is the cutest range of entry-level digital pianos that develops your interest easily. And it is a low prized so that's why best choice for beginners.

4. Yamaha P45 - 88-Key Weighted Action 

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

When you need a proper beginner digital piano then according to our research work, Yamaha P-45 is quite a delicious one to date.

It has an L85 furniture stand, PKBB1 bench and sustains pedal.

  • Feel like real piano
  • GHS weighted action keys
  • USB connectivity
  • Quite convenient for beginners
  • Dual-mode
  • Max. 64 notes in polyphony
  • Wooden stand- extra prize



The Yamaha P-45 has 88 Graded Hammer action keys with a max 64 note in polyphony. It undoubtedly gives you artistic pleasure. It has GHS weighted action which enhances your taste of playing.

The amazing thing about Yamaha P-45 is its 10 voices and 10 songs which are modest and natural enough to learn on. Its flagship piano sound is pricey but it's the worthy function of any digital piano.

Flagship Piano with 10 Voices and 10 Songs

Because of its Dual mode, you can easily blend two voices like strings and piano to increase your creativity. So, it is a perfect piano for students, beginners, and teachers.

The Yamaha P-45 permits you to cherish the educational lessons, tutorials, and music entertainment applications related to your tone with USB connectivity.

Final Verdict

Yamaha P-45 is at the top of the list when it is all about beginners and learners. It is a superb choice for you. You can enjoy the Yamaha keyboards for beginners without any difficulty because it is a user-friendly keyboard.

5. Yamaha YDP-S34 - Slim Console Piano

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Are you looking for the best digital Piano with expensive prizes? Then the Yamaha YDP is good enough for you.

It has two versions in it, S34 and S54, and both are amazingly interesting.

  • Stylish and expensive look
  • Inspiring Yamaha CFX sound engine
  • USB connectivity
  • GHS weighted action keys
  • Interchangeable content, lessons
  • Half damper pedal
  • Max. 192 notes in polyphony
  • Expensive for the beginner's point of view



Arius YDP, the digital Piano is admired for a house and rooms with its classy and stunning look.

Both versions have the same creation, the sound of Yamaha CFX' concert grand Piano, that is majestic in high and mid-range.

Arius YDP S34 and S54 both have GHS keyboard function with GHS weighted keys that are lower in high end and higher in the low end. It grants you spellbound playing experience.

The Yamaha S34 has some different features too. Like it's GHS weighted action keys admirably give you a look of an acoustic piano. Not only this, but String Resonance also renovates the compassionate sounds likewise in acoustic pianos.

Acoustic Optimizer in Arius YDP S34 reconciles acoustic flow by using unique positions and designs. The Dual Split Mode also makes it very helpful for learners via 10 inspiring voices, 10 delightful songs, and 50 preset piano songs to play with.

It's Smart Pianist Apps will Surprise You

The S54 is a slim digital piano that has 88 weighted graded hammer keys with a maximum 192 in polyphony. Because of this feature, you can easily create a wide range of tunes. It has exceptional Black matte keytops. These tops are useful due to their moisture absorbance ability.

Arius YDP S54 has a half-damper pedal that enables you to enjoy the maintenance when you press the pedal. It's Smart Pianist Apps surprise you, because you can easily access function control and analyze your songs using Chord Tracker Technology.

Final Verdict

Arius YDP is an expensive but remarkable choice for a digital piano with an acoustic taste. It is not suitable for beginners because of its price range; otherwise, this Piano has nothing that stops you from buying it.

6. Hamzer 61-Key - Portable Electronic Keyboard

Best Digital Piano for Beginners

When it's about affordability and good features, Hamzer helps you and introduces the best affordable keyboard piano. We hope that you are impressed!

  • Portable
  • Low price
  • Us standard power adapter
  • Versatility in keyboard
  • Built-in the learning system
  • We never found its cons as it's an affordable and full-featured piano



Hamzer electronic keyboard piano has 61 keys with a pack of transparent stickers to mark the keys to play it more conveniently.

It's a well-designed keyboard for beginners, Freshers, and average piano players.

Your curiosity increases with every single feature of Hamzer, and maybe you loved it. When it's about features, Hamzer 61 keys permit you to play with a single finger and fingered auto-bass chord.

It not only gives you a chance to choose chord timber, change the rhythm, harmonize tempo, but also you can exercise effects like vibrato, ensemble, and sustain.

Hamzer increased your happiness by giving you a precise and unbroken class of sound in the shape of built-in speakers with 255 timbers, 255 rhythms, and 24 demonstration songs. A headphone jack and stereo output also create immense pleasure.

Record and Playback Mode Available

There is also Record and Playback mode available. By which you can directly play on headphones with the facility of recording it with a microphone of 4'cord.

When it's about other accessories like battery and stool and stand, Hamzer also facilitates you there too. It's given 6 AA power batteries(excluded), US standard 110-120 volt power adapters become able to perform wherever you want.

It has a metal stand with 3 positions modifiable height performance (22", 24 "½, and 27"). Hamzer 61-keys is one of the top pianos by whom you can enjoy amazing features of the Piano.

Final Verdict

Hamzer is the best choice for the newer and beginners because it fulfills all the inches demanded by a new piano player. It must be the right choice for you if you are a Fresher.

7. Casio PX770 - Digital Home Piano

Casio PX-770

Here is another bright type of Piano in our list by Casio due to its unique features, as always Casio gives the best to you.

Like other ones, Casio never disheartens you.

  • Air engine sounds
  • Stereo amplification skills
  • Duet mode
  • Free Choranda play App
  • 19- high-quality voices
  • Surprisingly suggestive piano tone
  • Elegant look
  • Little bit expensive



Casio PX-770 is furnished with Air engine sounds, fortunately. By this sound engine, you can enjoy a wider variety of sounds.

Your happiness increases when Air engine sound provides you within your range. It gracefully picks up the sounds of a 9ft grand concert.

Similarly to other stylish and cheerful keyboards like Casio YDP S34, it has also Tri sensor Graded Hammer action keys for its expressive performance, which increases its versatility.

Casio never fails to impress you. Casio PX-770 brings in a strong stereo amplification system. So, you can practice transparent listening skills.

Its Duet Mode is also very conducive for learners and teachers meanwhile. Because of this mode, students and teachers can play at the same time conveniently.

Connect Your Piano to any Windows or Mac

The remarkable and worth mentioning skill of Casio PX-770 is concert playing. You can play a piano keyboard with 10 recordings of orchestral pieces at the same time.

Casio PX-770 also gives you a chance to connect your Piano to any window or Mac. It is possible to even without any drivers or installations via USB. You can also connect to the free Choranda Play app through your devices.

It can help you by showing you how to play your favorite songs.

Final Verdict

Casio PX-770 is quite an interesting type for classical students who can afford the expense too. You can magnify your learning skills with the help of this.

8. Casio SA76 - Personal Keyboard

Casio SA-76

On this spot, there is one of the affordable piano choices within the budget range with its baby size to justify its price tag. This is a notable device for kids.

  • Inexpensive
  • Best for your child
  • Built-in songs book
  • LCD screen
  • Only for children



Cassio SA piano is not a good choice for everyone. It's only for children. Some parents search for the piano keyboard for their child so we include this piano into our topic for their ease.

Casio SA has three versions SA-77, SA-76 and SA-78 with grey, orange and pink colors respectively. It is the perfect keyboard for a child with 44 keys and 5 percussion pads. The keys are small in size, easily adjustable for their mini hands.

100 Tunes, 50 Rhythms and 10 Songs

The LSI sound source and 8 note polyphony never compromise the sound quality. Your child can explore the music world of Piano playing with 100 tunes, 50 rhythms and 10 songs. And it enhances the talent of your child surprisingly.

Children can relish Casio SA-77, 76, 78's LCD screen which helps them to select from the variety of music systems. Melody cut rehearsal system and 5 drum pads leave an everlasting impact.

There are also built-in speakers and headphones available for enjoyment while playing. Its change-over switch function forms an easy way to switch between piano and organ modes. So, your child comfortably changes the tone he or she wants to play.

Final Verdict

Casio SA-77, 76, 78, is an amazing option for your baby who wants to seek how to play the Piano. And undoubtedly, you can give the adorable gift in the shape of this Piano.

9. Roland RP102 - Bluetooth Piano

Roland RP102

In the race of top best digital pianos, how can we forget about Roland that gives you versatility within your price range?

Roland RP102 is one of the bright choices if you are looking for a unique and quality digital piano.

  • Supernatural sound engine with voices
  • Three pedal control
  • 200 onboard songs
  • USB and Bluetooth connection
  • PHA-4 standard keys
  • Except for budget consideration, Roland RP102 has no cons



Roland RP102 is a good looking, space-saving, and adorable Piano. This type of beginner keyboard piano is likable and suitable for home, studios, and educational centers.

When it comes to USB and Bluetooth Connectivity, Roland RP102 entertains you through wireless connections from different apps with mobiles and tablets.

Roland RP102 with Supernatural Piano Technology allows you to enjoy the amazing tone and high-quality sound. It's one of the basic qualities of Roland's Piano.

The keyboard of RP102 is PHA-4 standard with susceptible keys that enhance your enjoyment. While playing, these keys give a very realistic and spellbound feel.

Entertain Yourself & Others with Digital Sheet Music

By connecting the Piano with Roland's free Piano Partner 2 app, you can entertain yourself and others with digital sheet music. Because of this, you can easily access the amazing features that aren't available within the panel, and you enjoy special rhythms too.

Roland RP102 has three pedal controls with a metal structure that gives you feel like an acoustic piano. Its beginner keyboard has Graded hammer action keys, which are truly adorable.

For learners, this Piano gives you over 200 onboard songs in different styles like traditional music, famous classical pieces, and important etudes for practice and explore the new world.

When it comes to effects, Roland cherishes you with amazing ranges. You get control with piano noise level such as string resonance etc. There are 4 voices and 11 other instruments that might create interest for learners.

Final Verdict

Roland RP102 is an obvious choice for beginners and learners but only if you do not have to worry about the money. As this Piano is not budget-friendly at all.

10. Roland GO: KEYS - Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

Roland GO: KEYS

Here is another interesting type of Piano presented by Roland to you.

It is one of the expensive beginner keyboards Piano, but don't worry; you get a rare thing that surely will not let you down.

  • Loop Mix functions
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Alexa voice technology
  • 88 and 61 velocity-sensitive keys
  • Apps for learning
  • Wireless connections
  • 500 high-quality voices
  • Fancy look
  • This Piano has no cons collectively. But some of you have issues with the price range



Roland GO: keys has two versions. One with 61 keys and other with 88 keys. Both have full-sized velocity-sensitive keys that give you real feel while playing.

It's Loop Mix mode permits you to create songs easily while playing on the keyboard, which is full of motivation for the beginners. The control of the sound of your loop is just one touch away from your finger.

Portable Piano with Alexa Voice Technology

Roland Go: Keys facilitate you with Bluetooth audio/ MIDI support, which you can easily connect to your computer and devices. It's Onboard high-quality Bluetooth wireless speakers also give access to your smartphone connection.

It is a fully wireless operative even in a power option with battery operation(6×AA). It has 128 max in polyphony.

Its voice has over 500 pro-quality sounds like synths, pianos, strings, bass brass, and many more and 40 onboard sounds. It enables you to explore a new range of voices.

Roland GO: Keys is the portable Piano with Alexa voice Technology that gives you a royal feel. By using the Voice Command function, you can control the nearby devices.

It is also being consumed as an Alexa-enabled device to set the alarm, examine the weather conditions, listen to songs, and many more. It's a lightweight(4 kg\8 lb. 14 oz.) keyboard piano that is easily transferable.

When it comes to learning facilities, Roland GO: Keys enhances your learning skills by providing Roland free piano Partner 2 App. And you admire it.

Final Verdict

Roland GO: Keys is a very classy, unique, and praiseworthy piano range. For this type, one can easily bear the expenses because it gives your money back by entertaining you.


How to choose the right digital piano for beginners?

The right digital piano for a beginner requires many aspects that may follow before buying it. First of all, you have to realize your preference rather than go for it directly.

For a beginner the digital piano with Weighted keys are likeable. As it not only gives you an aesthetic feel but also lets you enjoy the playing experience likewise with an acoustic piano.

The one point that must be considered is your playing routine. Though you are playing it with the crowd or sole. If you want to play the piano at home you have a wide range but if you are a student or play the piano at a different place you must go with a lightweight portable piano.

Now, come the next thought about pedals. About that you do not need to worry. In this sense you meet up a great variety of Pianos, choose within these wisely.

Last but not the least, budget is the basic and crucial thing by which you can get your demanding piano keyboard. As, it is said that creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget.

If you bear expenses well and good but if not then don't worry at all. On a low budget you can also purchase a good piano. You just find out through research and we'll exactly guide you.

What makes a keyboard or digital piano suitable for beginners?

So, the most searched question is feature related, which feature of the best digital piano for beginners are important.

In general, lots of digital pianos are suitable for beginners but the most worth mentioning point is your preference for design, size, keys and portability.

We refer beginners must choose that piano keyboard which includes every learning facility. This enhances your playing skills and proves beneficial in the coming future to you.

What is the Best Portable Digital Piano for beginners?

Best portable digital pianos are those that can easily carry out from one place to another, as per the easiness of a player.

This is quite an impressive feature of any piano for the ones who are learners and stage players. With this ability, you can transport your piano with yourself without hesitation of being bulky.

In our consideration, Yamaha YPT-260 is best if portability concern.

What is the Yamaha best digital piano for beginners?

We explained to you earlier that Yamaha is the most reliable brand of digital piano. So, according to us Yamaha YPT-260 is the best keyboard for beginners for the remarkable start.


While visiting our site, you may discover that we provide you with the list of top best digital Piano for beginners. We told you about every aspect. Some of you prefer Casio, some Yamaha, some Roland, and many others. The preferences differ from person to person.

And now the most important thing is your consideration. You the person who decided best for himself/herself. Our list can guide you about different top pianos. As we repeated, the choice is always yours.

Follow our list and thoughts that will bring the exact what you are searching for and why you are here.