Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano

Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano is the latest Digital piano manufactured by William trade mark. This is a renowned musical instrument manufacturer based on California USA. The current trend is to use digital pianos rather than the traditional piano which are bulky, heavy and require minimum of 500 square feet area to assemble the piano set. The present pianos are sleek and trendy. These are electrically run on digital electronic boards and produce more crystal clear sound than a conventional piano.

Features and Specifications

88 Keys or it is a 7 Octave keyboard. This is a professional electronic piano.

Tones – there are 8 tones which are preset in this digital piano which are of bell types with variation in there sound.

Tempo – tempo presetfunction are here to enable a quick and slow playing runs on digital piano.

Recording – it has built in memory to record your songs and play at any time you want.

Demo Songs – there are standard demo songs inbuilt here for users to facilitate easily to run these songs on special occasion like birthdays with a single touch on Birthday Song key.

MIDI – Audio IN/OUT or the Auxiliary IN/OUT function are there to connect with any multimedia devices to share or amplify its sounds to any supportive electronic devices.

Output Jacks – it has the conventional stereo output and a mono output jack is there for monitor purpose. These two options makes it user friendly and support all standard audio amplifiers, including the public addressing systems.

Sustain pedal – is there to sustain sounds manually with controlling the sustain pedal with you feet while playing where ever sustained sound level is required in a song.

Other Features

1 year is given for its structure and electronic parts if went wrong. It comes with a stereo output of 12 watts inbuilt speakers. It functions on 12 Volt DC supplies which may be accessed from a battery or from home power connection.

Design and Dimensions

Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano length is 1143 mm, height is 515 mm and width is 310 mm.

Its total weight is 17.2 Kg and is a sleek model looking very attractive.



Best fit for small and big homes. This is a user friendly piano just plug in and starts playing without any difficulties to operate its panel keys. This is best fit for the beginners in music and also for professionals. This can be used in stage performance too. It has got a real touch of classic keys in a digital piano and makes you feel that you are playing the hammer keys right now. It is designed with polyphonic sounds and is really pleasing to hear. This is looking sleek and stylish in black color with a LED display. This piano is handy and portable. All of its 88 keys are unmatched with other makes of piano.


The LCD display is the latest trend which display multi functions while playing and show indication of keys. The LED display doesn’t show the musical notation while playing, which is a must for the beginners to learn without mistakes. But the Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano has an LED display which is just for a mere function sings glow board. It has only pre set memory and lack detachable memory slot. Only color available here is pure black. It lacks pitch bender which is a must for a piano to play certain styles of music. It lacks other sounds such as synth, brass and bells which normally a digital piano supports. Also it has only very few tones where as a digital piano can have many presets which resembling the piano sounds.


Whenever one prefer to buy a digital piano the first brand names comes in to you mind is of Korg, Roland and Yamaha. But this Williams Allegro has something special to match with the traditional piano sounds, this make it more real as a classic piano sounds while playing. The output is what mostly seen with William digital pianos. Even though it lacks many electronic features people prefer to buy this Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano for acoustic perfection or for the precise sound it produce while playing. Whereas, the other digital piano makes doesn’t have this playing effect of hammer style when compared to Williams Allegro.


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