Best Digital Piano 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Best Digital Piano according to your taste and range? So, here we are covering every single inch. There are many types of piano related to its specification and number of keys, which may confuse you.

We will help you to make a better choice according to your wish, money, and skills. We will briefly explain to you the Best Digital Pianos, not only with its specifications but also its Pros and Cons.

Yamaha P71

  • Dual-Mode
  • Coolest & Smartest Look
  • Ten Preset Voices


Yamaha DGX 660B

  • Microphone Ability
  • Six track Sequencers
  • Pure CF Sound Engine


Alesis Recital Pro

  • Rechargeable
  • Record & Lesson mode
  • MIDI Output/USB


Best Digital Piano

best digital piano

The use of money in the right way on the right thing is essential. It makes your life great.

So, when anybody goes to purchase anything, they search first about the product specialty, price range, features, and many others like that.

But Wait

We ended up your confusion by mentioning each and everything by presenting the list of top Best Digital Pianos.

It’s is not only the information we give to you but also your preference matters the most. We told you the way, but you have to ride on it with your skills. Your choices, likes, and dislikes have great importance.

And we help you heartily to choose the one that’s pretty enough to both your pocket and your taste.

So, here is the list of top-rated best digital pianos that helps you surely. We hope you can enjoy it!

Best Digital Piano Reviews 2020


best digital piano

Alesis Recital Pro
  • MIDI output/USB
  • 12-Premium Voices
  • Record & Lesson Mode

best digital piano

Roland RD-2000
  • Adjustable
  • Impressive Keyboard
  • 3rd Party App support

best digital piano

Yamaha YDP-184R
  • Pianist App
  • 256 Notes
  • 3-Pedals

Kawai MP11SE
  • Customer-Friendly
  • Luxurious Sound
  • Efficient & strong

best digital piano

Yamaha DGX-660B
  • Microphone Ability
  • Portable
  • Six Track Sequencers

Roland RP501R
  • 3D Effect
  • 300 voices
  • Record Function

Yamaha P71
  • Dual-Mode
  • Ten Preset Voices
  • Coolest & Smartest Look

Casio PX-160BK
  • 18 Built-in Tones
  • Air Sound Engine
  • Amplifiers:8 W + 8 W

Yamaha P125
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Split Mode

Nord Stage 3
  • High-Quality Sound
  • Admirable Digital Effects
  • Groups of Voices

1. Alesis Recital Pro – 88 Keys Hammer Action

best digital piano

Want an outstanding learning piano’s experience? Alesis Recital is the best semi-weighted action digital piano, full-sized 88 keys Digital Piano, and adjustable touch response.

It’s quite affordable and very suitable for the apprentice.

  • MIDI output/USB
  • 128 maximum notes
  • Rechargeable
  • 20-watt built-in speakers
  • Record and lesson mode
  • Fewer voices
  • Best for beginners



This piano also has USB connectivity /MIDI output to connect any of the learning software, computer, or more.Here you will find a detailed description of Alesis Recital pro.

In the world, everything is reliable due to its features. So, here are some grave concerning features of Alesis Recital.

As we mentioned earlier, it has 88 premium full-size keys with a semi-weighted hammer. It also has a variety of adjustable touch responses, which you can adjust according to your choice.

Not just, the Alesis Recital Piano also has 20-watt built-in speakers, which makes you very exciting while playing. This type has 128 maximum notes in polyphony, for the cheeriest learning skills.

Comfortable for Students to Learn and for Teachers to Teach

This piano is famous due to its Lesson Mode. This mode more precisely decides the 88 keys into two-zone, which make it most comfortable for students to learn and for teachers to teach. Record Mode, the method that is incredibly appealing due to its recorder ability.

You can record what you learned or what you want to be practice. It makes you more flawless, surely. It also gives you a second or maybe third chance to learn better, which is unforgettable.

When it comes to looking apparently, we thought, these pianos are quite adorable with ¼ inches(6.35mm) piano headphone output. These headphones are handy during the secret rehearsal because it mutes the internal speakers.

Not only this, The Recital Pro, furthermore has a ¼ inches (6.35 mm) sustain pedal input (pedal not included) with stereo ¼” (6.35 mm) outputs that can easily attach to an amplifier, taper, mixer, recorder or any other sound system for the better experience.MIDI output is a powerful feature of it.

Alesis Recital included 12 premium built-in voices. 6 mediums, each with 2 deviations: Piano, Electric piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Synth, Acoustic bass. Voice selection, the most effortless process: you just have to press one of the 6 voices; it lights blue.

Above the all, Alesis Recital is rechargeable, included charger connection or with 6D cell battery (not included but quite enjoyable)Its touch response is appealing due to the adjustable quality.

Last but not least, it Includes Skoove 3-month premium subscription for online piano lessons under the bright guideline of the expert. You can seek, ask, share, and compare your ability with others easily.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, you must give yourself a chance to enjoy the appealing features of Alesis Recital. In the end, the choice is yours, but if you are a beginner, you have to choose this one.

2. Roland RD-2000 – Best Stage Digital Piano

best digital piano

This Piano is the best example of All in One. Because you can use it on stage, on the house, or professionally wherever you want, it is the best choice for professional musicians.

  • V piano and supernatural sound engine
  • Great for every performing place
  • Adjustable
  • Keyboard- very impressive
  • Broad line of sounds
  • Good interaction with the third party
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Small screen



Roland Rd2000, the stage piano, is an exceptionally unique featured piano with two separate sound engines with modern controlling.

It gives the dedicated tone with full polyphony for acoustic Piano and Supernatural based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for electric pianos. It is a very delicious update, according to us.

Precious due Splitting Technique and can Split into 8 Zones

Roland RD2000 keyboard is precious due to its splitting technique. It can split into 8 zones, and you can easily create the patches you want, not only this but also the keyboard has the memory in which your sound is safe and easily reachable.

With RD 2000 Keyboard controlling technique, you cannot only control your DAW directly but also control the parameters, effects of your voice by using eight sensitive velocity knobs and nine transferable sliders.

All sliders attached with LED light, makes the tremendous visual on low light or darkened stage. The RD 2000 covers the 1100 nonpiano sounds, which include organ, string, brass, synths, etc. It loads new music.

The connectivity of this model is best. It has USB Type A, USB Type B, MIDI connectors (1 in, two out), Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type. This type of connection can console the requirement of piano players.

Final Verdict

Well, this is the very beauteous type of Piano but extremely expensive. If you are, the beginner keyboard player doesn’t go for it, and if you are a stage player, then RD 2000 must be on your priority.

3. Yamaha YDP-184R – Best Console Digital Piano

best digital piano

Here, the splendid model of Yamaha introduced. It’s not wrong to say that Yamaha YDP 184 is an excellent piano with remarkable and astonishing features.

It is the piano that has the most top place from other ones.

  • Smart Pianist app
  • Max. 256 notes
  • Fancy granded Hammer Action keys
  • Stunning piano
  • Brilliant LCD screen
  • Playback and recorded mode
  • Three pedals
  • Ebony and ivory feel on keys
  • Flexibility level is low
  • Small screen



The good looking piano, Yamaha YDP 184, has astonishing features. As it is available with Yamaha’s CFX’9 concert grand piano sound.

In this VRM, Virtual Reasoning Modelling is introduced by which you can increase your learning skills while adjusting the strings and damper as per your own choice. The strings are too expressive and give you real aesthetic feel ever.

Yamaha YDP 184, with all the best features, included headphones with a stereophonic optimizer that helps to renovate the sound of an acoustic piano. You can also enjoy the Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app.

Record and Enjoy Your Work in Playback and Recording Mode

Let’s have a look at the keyboard. You will enjoy with the keyboard of Yamaha YDP, due to the fluency of weighted keys with granded hammer action (GH3) which have synthetic ivory and ebony keytops. It has a maximum of 256 notes in polyphony and 24 voices.

Yamaha YDP is the best electric piano, with a keyboard that forbid the slippery effect and absorbs moisture.

The classy feature of Yamaha YDP 184 is its playback and recording Mode. Just because of this, you can record and enjoy your work.

Its connectivity with different devices makes it accessible in the market. It is the most refreshing and elegant Piano user, the price range of 3000.

Final Verdict

Yamaha YDP 184, is the noticeable and noble type of piano that console you with all the best qualities in it. We strongly recommended this piano due to its soulful features and classy look.

4. Kawai MP11SE – 88 Keys Stage Piano

best digital piano

Kawai is the famous, pampered, and deluxe brand name, which deals with different types of keyboards for the Pianos with exceptional features included 88 key midi controller keyboards.

  • Efficient and strong Hammer Action
  • Luxurious Piano Sound
  • Customer-Friendly
  • Limited voices
  • Expensive



MP11SE is one of the adorable Pianos, which we thought expensive, but you never feel bad at this expense, we assure you.

Kawai MP11SE is the same in features like Kawai’s Shigeru SK-EX, SK-5, and Kawai EX concert, the grand Piano sound’s capacity. It has 2 upright and 5 electric pianos. It also includes FC3A sustain Pedal.

Expensive but Classy

The vast experience you will get through this model is, you can quickly switch to another sound while holding notes without cutting it off. Its EQ effect provides you with a real-time sound experience.

Kawai MP11SE, has 88 original wooden keys, with intense hammer action (GH3), which leads you to the lively performance on the stage. It doesn’t have the most significant collection of voices, but the giving ones are astonishing.

Final Verdict

Well, if you are a person for whom the expense doesn’t matter, you must go for it. And we hope you have a great time with it.

5. Yamaha DGX-660B – 88 Keys Weighted Keyboard

best digital piano

The Yamaha DGX-660 is the best piano for beginners and professional at the same time. You can learn and create tones through it.

A different school of thought can commonly use this model, DGX-660.

  • For Production and Learners at the same time
  • Microphone ability
  • Six track sequencers
  • Portable
  • Realistic hammer action keys
  • Pure CF sound engine
  • Sound isn’t too much expressive like CFX 9′ concert grand engine



Yamaha DGX-660, works as an acoustic digital Piano, in which GHS weighted action is lighter in the high end and more substantial in the low end. Especially with 6- track sequencer, from this you can not only play the piano but also enjoy the production side.

Liked by Professional Pianists due to its Harmonious Relation with XG Songs

This piano has a speciality on a rational level that it’s sound produced from Yamaha’s pure CF’s sound engine. It is not similar to the CFX 9′ but not bad at all. DSP, damper Resonance, helps the strings to produce a more realistic sound.

This is not enough, right? So, Yamaha also surprised you with more than 150 voices and 16 drum sticks. The unique feature of DGX-660 is its harmonious relation with XG songs, which include in some Hal Leonard songbook.

This piano has a 1/4 microphone input, which helps you singing while playing keyboard amplifiers.

Yamaha DGX-660 conveniently introduces wireless audio and MIDI connectivity. That is usable for streaming and connecting with IOS devices. It’s recording function also give a chance to improve your playing skills. You can also playback through the USB drive.

Final Verdict

Are you a student or professional pianist, doesn’t matter for the Yamaha DGX 660? It can commonly facilitate you both. It is one of the top pianos on the top 10 digital piano list.

6. Roland RP501R – Best Home Piano

Roland RP501R

Here comes another compendious yet modest piano by Roland. RP501R is a budget-friendly and well-designed family piano.

It is not wrong if we can say that these pianos are an excellent choice for the house, due to its ideal look.

  • Best for Home
  • Headphones with 3D effect
  • Dominant Educational features
  • 300 voices with supernatural notes
  • USB record function
  • Not suitable for every school, only best for classical
  • All voices haven’t the same high quality



Related to this model, you have not to worry about anything at all because it is not only budget-friendly as well as house friendly.

Roland RP501R, the best digital acoustic piano, when it comes to connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity to Android/iPad, and many other apps. It fulfills the aesthetic demand of the player with its delightful accessories.

3D Effect Headphones with Multi-Dimensional Sound

While it’s quite exciting features, this piano must be top of the list as it gives you 300 voices with supernatural acoustic piano notes. Roland RP501R also provides you with the PHA-4 standard keyboard, with sensual keys that surely touch the soul.

Undoubtedly, the best part of any Piano is its Headphones. So, you have to chill it out that RP501R is introducing your headphones with a 3D effect with multi-dimensional sound, which is very refreshing in listening.

With 72 different rhythm styles, the Roland RP501R is very inspiring.

Finally, yet importantly, Roland RP501R helps you out with its Dual split mode. It enables you to overview the lesson more conveniently. Its USB features also help you to save the voices.

Final Verdict

Because of a lovely look, Roland RP501R becomes the best choice for you, your child, and any other old ones. You have to give a chance to it!

7. Yamaha P71 – Best Portable Digital Piano

best digital piano

If you are here in search of the Piano that is two in one, with its professional plus technical specialty, Yamaha fulfills your expectations by introducing Yamaha P71 to you.

  • Dual-mode
  • Coolest and smartest look
  • Ten preset voices
  • Fully weighted 88 keys
  • Acoustic and Grand Piano resemblance
  • LED is missing



Yamaha P71, the value digital Piano ever, has 88 maximum keys like any other best piano. It has fully weighted keys like acoustic and digital pianos. You feel so relax while playing the keyboard amps surely.

Dual Mode with 10 preset voices

It is the unique and exciting model of Yamaha, with the coolest features included a power adapter and pedal sustainer. Through these qualities, you can enjoy the real feel of Piano.

When it comes to sound, it is not wrong to say that it has a good quality sound engine with 10 preset voices, including a digital tone from Yamaha’s real acoustic grand pianos.

That creates incredible sound, with keyboard amp, including vibraphone sounds, 2 pipe organs, 2 harpsichords, 2 electric pianos, etc.

Here, Yamaha P71 gives you the Dual mode, through which one can use 2 voices like Piano and strings at the same time. It enhances your learning experience and makes it enjoyable for you.

It also gives you the package of a home bundle in which you have a piano stand and keyboard bench.

For some of you, the size of the Piano is also essential. So, in the case of Yamaha P71, you have not to worry about that because its depth is less than 12 inches and 25-pound weight only.

This weight is quite convincing for you guys. Yamaha 71 have different jacks, also like headphone and sustain jack. It does not have MIDI connectivity, but without it, it’s USB drive is excellent.

Final Verdict

Yamaha P71 is the compact Piano with an affordable range while you are looking for a combination of good quality within a reasonable price. You must have it, yet it is a fresh choice.

8. Casio Privia PX-160BK – Best Full-Size Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160BK

Cassio, the brand, gives the reality check to the expectations, the same is the case with Cassio Privia-PS 160BK.

This Piano is exceptionally adorable not only by look but also because of its specialities.

  • Amplifiers:8 W + 8 W
  • Touch response:3 sensitive levels
  • 18 built-in tones
  • Work without any external software
  • Air sound engine
  • Fixed pedals



The multidimensional Air sound engine gives you the most appealing sounds ever with harmonious movements for a super-expressive and soulful performance.

Casio Privia is available with its Tri-Sensor Scaled hammer action keyboard, which, surely in our opinion, gives you the incredible feel with the intensity.

Extensive and Adorable Speakers

The most demanding feature of Cassio Privia PX-160 is the most extensive and adorable speaker system for the house with 8w × 8w thankfully. This system enhances the charm of listening.

Not enough, this Piano has new strings with more technical ability that gives you an expressive musical sound ever made.

This Piano comes with the well-designed techniques that give you aesthetic pleasure. It gives you the chance to play Piano with your partner or teacher at the same time just because of its Duet Mode.

We hope you will enjoy it a lot. Not only this, but it also makes your experience great with the 2 Track Recorder, through which one can overview his work twice.

When it comes to its authenticity, it has 88 keys with a fully weighted hammer action that gives a command to ebony and ivory keys.

We thought it has the best 18 built-in tones combination with 128 polyphony, that offers the more vastness to your tones, with 2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones).

Not only this, but Cassio Privia also accomplish the song of 60 music library which is unbeatable.

This Piano also included the fix pedal operation SP-3, terminal 1, SP-33(Optional). Connection for optional 3-Pedal Unit is also good for the users.

These pedals build up your level of inspiration. We, like the most, due to its connectivity of USB, with any of your devices without any additional software.

Final Verdict

Casio Privia PX-160 is undoubtedly less-expensive yet the same optimal performance you get in the high-end model. Casio Privia PX-160 is comparatively inexpensive yet still shows the reliable performance to high-end models.

9. Yamaha P125 – Sustain Pedal

Yamaha P125

Like Yamaha’s other piano, Yamaha P125 also has exciting and convincing features that help you out to make a choice.

This piano is fashionable as well as classy.

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • With two choices in keys 73 and 88
  • Split mode
  • 129 notes in polyphony
  • Two tracks MIDI recorder
  • CF sampling
  • Normal Speaker Output



Yamaha P125 gives you a chance to choose the best for you. It comes with two key keyboards, 73 and 88 keys. The choice is yours. Keys are fully weighted; you can enjoy it.

Split Mode which Split the Keyboard into Two Parts

Notably, GHS weighted key action gives you the real feel like acoustic digital piano, as lighter in high key, heavier in low ones. That makes it enjoyable.

In this model, Yamaha added the tone of 9 feet CFIIIS concert grand piano that creates the tempo range from 5 to 280. This feature makes Yamaha P 125, the excellent choice for the competent musician and learner, both.

Its unique feature is within its Split mode. You can easily use this mode according to your taste, which split the keyboard into two parts. And you can easily create different voices and tones with both whiles running it at 414.8, 440.0 to 446.8Hz.

You never find this feature in many other pianos.

You are in love with this piano, although it gives you a chance to the built-in library with 20 diversified reasons and 50 songs. It has 129 polyphony notes and 24 choices in sound. You can enjoy the broader range.

USB connectivity in Yamaha P125 is too good with MIDI. You only require one cable to connect with any music. It also allows the transfers of files.

Final Verdict

Yamaha P 125, according to us, gives you relaxation while carrying it. It is perfect and top of the list in the best pianos of P series due to its affordability and unique features. You must try this piano—best for both keyboards for beginners and professionals.

10. Nord Stage 3 – Full Weighted Hammer Action

Nord Stage 3

Nord, the brand, works for the easiness of the professional musicians. This brand gives the best in less amount. We thought it as its speciality.

  • Well defined groups of voices
  • High-quality sound
  • Admirable digital effects
  • Drawbars for tone control
  • The keyboard requires more enhancement



The Nord Stage 3, well, the refined form. The Stage 3 Piano is best with two super-bright OLED display for the stage while converting the sounds without any interruption.

Option to add Songs in Songs List

Split Mode and Addition Mode of Nord Stage 3 give you the option to add the songs into the song list and split it whenever you want. These modes make Stage 3 most demanding and likable for the stage performance than ever before.

This model is the refined form of previous. It doubles the memory of 2GB for a better experience.

It also enhances the filters which appeal to you. C2D, the award-winning organ simulation B3 Tonewheel and Vintage Transistor Organs plus two new Principal Pipe Organs are also impressive and mind-blowing change, that gives the great feel.

The best part we like the most is 122 rotary speakers with physical drawbars to control the tone. It leads to the best sound quality ever. The increase in memory is also impressive.

Final Verdict

One can quickly say that Nord Stage S3 is the most prominent package in the least amount. All its features are loveable. If you want the best in the less, you have to choose it, right now.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Piano

Are you here for the right information about the right choice of the Digital Piano?

Don’t worry. We will clear all your confusion related to each and everything which a Digital Piano or Acoustic Digital Piano is considering.

So, let’s start!

Here are some essential points which help you out while choosing and buying. We hope you will have adequate knowledge about what you want and what you were searching for. We have discussed all the key points very concisely for your easiness.

Why is the range of your budget being too crucial?

In the world, there is everything available, but you aren’t interested in all at the same time. You only or should only prefer those things which are budget-friendly to you.

Likewise, in the race of top Pianos, according to us, you should first set your budget, then choose the right Piano, which can satisfy you emotionally.

While we are talking about the budget-friendly Best Digital Piano, you first make your mind related to the price, starts from some $100 to $1000. There is a wide range of pianos, so; you should only choose the one which is suitable to you economically and emotionally too.

According to us, if you are beginners, then you should go for the piano range from $50 to $100. And if you want the best Digital Piano with unique qualities and have an artistic skill so you should go for the expensive ones that range from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

But, stop, don’t forget about your budget range.

Confused About Keyboard’s Choice?

Do you want to know about the types of keyboards? Or are you a little bit confused about the choice of keyboards? So, take a deep breath; we are here to make it easier for you.

Through our research work, we’ve come to know that there are different types of keyboards, which make the difference between pianos. And by reading about this, you will easily find your desired keyboard piano. So, let’s start:

Here are some types of keyboards commonly used:

  • 88 key weighted keyboards
  • Non-weighted keyboards
  • Semi-weighted keyboards
  • Fully weighted keyboards
  • Electronic keyboard
  • Midi keyboards.

Weighted, semi/gradually weighted, and fully weighted keyboards are the keyboards related to less or more weight of the hammer, which attached with the keys to producing the soulful sound.

Even your fingers can feel this weight while playing the Piano, which fulfills your aesthetic demand. The weighted keyboards Pianos are expensive. And these pianos are mostly Acoustic Pianos, which is bulky too.

Non-weighted keyboards are the ones, which are less weighted because there isn’t any weight of the hammer behind the keys of keyboards.

While playing this kind of keyboard, you feel no weight. Or, due to this, the Non-weighted keyboard Pianos are less expensive. And we prefer this type of keyboard for beginners, new students, and children.

What About the Keys?

Keyboards of pianos are various, as we discussed earlier, but there is also the point that has a grave concern. It’s about the Keys of a keyboard of a Digital or Acoustic Piano.

According to our thorough knowledge researches, there are a different number of keys. These are 66, 72, and 88.

The keyboards of Pianos with 66 keys are beginner keyboards and children who use to learn from it. But if you want to learn about all the keys, you should prefer the keyboard with all 88 key weighted keyboards. 72 keyboard keys are also useful.

The keyboards with 88 keys will make the best choice for you to the entire of your life. But, remember one more thing, a digital piano with weighted keys maybe makes your product cost. It’s totally up to you.

The Portability of Digital Piano is Concerned or Not?

Wants to know about portability? We are here to guide you right at the right time. Portability, in easy words, means that “the ability to be easily carried or moved.” We hope this definition helps you out.

Now, the point is the portability of Digital Pianos is necessary or not. So, the answer related to this, only you have because you know better about your desire.

If you are a student, teacher, or street player, then you choose the portable keyboard piano, which is less weighted or easily handled while carried out from one place to another.

And if you want the Best and quality digital piano or Acoustic Piano for your house, villas, you can easily ignore the portion of portability because you don’t need to carry it.

What’s the difference between old and new Digital Pianos?

Are you finding the difference between the old and new types of brand digital Piano? Then here you go. Change is the crucial process of life, and some people like the change, but some may dislike it.

Who hates the change, stuck with the old types of pianos? And who like change prefer the new variety.

In the new best sounding digital pianos, there are some digital functions like Bluetooth, MIDI capability (that allows pianos to connect with other devices directly) LED screen, connectivity with speakers, resume, or saved the activity while playing the electronic keyboards.

These new changes give you a better experience because you have no fear of losing your beat upon Piano. You can replay, save, or resume. These effects make the Pianos a more potent instrument for recording.

Want the information about the sound?

There are many types of Pianos which are different according to your requirement and taste. As above, we cover all the points which may confuse you. The last most essential subject is the quality of the sound.

Some companies use the high quality of sound to attracts it’s a client like an acoustic piano sound. For this, they used technology excellently, and some are impressed by High-quality vintage Grand Pianos.

Voicings are the most crucial part of the sound. It refers to the notes and chords on one or more instruments.

It also can make the difference between realistic Pianos and dedicated digital pianos. Remember, more advancement leads you towards a wider variety.

We use the term of Polyphony when it comes to the sound of a Piano. Polyphony is the capacity of an electronic keyboard or vocoder to create a numeral of notes at once. Pianos with higher Polyphony will produce more sophisticated and knotty sounds.

Headphones for digital piano have also attracted the customers. The piano headphone is preferable.

More advancement leads you towards a wider variety. So, we guide you, focussing on every single point. Now, the choice is yours.


What Are the Best Digital Piano and Keyboard Brands on the Market?

Many brands facilitate you with most innovation in case of the best digital piano for beginners and every field player.

Some renowned brands are in the following for your ease:


Roland is the top brand when it comes to the best digital piano for beginners fortunately. Because it covers a wide range of variety for different classes. It’s best for the beginners therefore Roland is in demand.

It entertains you through the Supernatural piano engine. They give classic yet ideal varieties.


It is the familiar name of a brand that gives you the diversity related to the piano keyboard. It grew up by giving a pure CF sound engine with CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano.

They expedite not only beginners but also the professionals. It gives you really impressive keyboard ranges.


Likewise, Roland and Yamaha, Casio is the next level brand when it’s about the best digital piano for beginners to experts. It glorifies the piano keyboard with the Air sound engine.

Casio is very famous among the youngest because it simplifies great types of digital piano for beginners.


When modernism spreads everywhere. The brand which focuses on classicality with modernity that’s the Kawai. This brand diverts its customer attention towards them just because of the reliable variety of acoustic grand piano.

These pianos are eminent due to pure and realistic tone feel.

What are Different Types of Digital Piano?

Having unique characteristics and features Digital Pianos are of different types. Most demanding is mentioned below:

Grand Digital Piano

The grand digital piano comes with a strong sound system and a pleasurable key movement. This is however costly yet attractive and less manufactured.

Upright Digital Piano

Upright Digital Piano is commonly known as “home piano”. This piano is truly accommodated for the house and its most amazing part, as shown by name, it has an upright casing, which is very convenient for beginners and students.

The upright digital piano is also an interesting addition to your learning skills as through it you can learn more professionally. 

Portable Digital Piano

Portable digital piano is a very demanding type of digital piano. Especially for those who have to carry his/her piano with themselves from one place to another. Its portability is most likely when it is in the range of your pocket.

Digital Keyboard Piano

Digital piano keyboard gives you the best taste of piano and keyboard at the same time. This keyboard piano is versatile because it has 88 weighted keys. This keyboard is likable for every class.

What’s the Difference Between a Keyboard and a Digital Piano?

There is a contrast between the keyboard and digital piano. For a beginner it’s a quiet confusing point to figure out. But now we explain this difference to you in easy words.

When keyboard piano is said then it means it has keys that vary from 25 to 88. It’s portable. You can easily take it with you wherever you want to go. It has different types of voices. 

And the digital piano gives an aesthetic feel like an acoustic grand piano. It has a maximum of 88 weighted hammer action keys that gives real pleasure. It’s several voices with perfect sound that impress you.

What Digital Piano do Professionals Use?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer because every professional is different from others and obviously, he/she prefers different pianos. The piano choice may be the same when it’s about brand. 

According to us, if a professional pianist is a teacher, you must be focused on the digital piano that facilitates you with Duet Mode. So that you can teach your students.

And if you are a professional and want to play piano for creativity then you must go with grand digital pianos that not only fulfill your feel but also beautify your living place easily.

What is the Best Digital Stage Piano?

The piano that helps you to perform confidently and conveniently on stage is the best digital stage piano for you. This piano may include the set of wooden/metal stand, power adapter and headphone.

We strongly recommended Roland RD2000 and Nord Stage 3 as the best digital piano for Stage performance.

Are Digital Pianos worth it?

Of course, digital pianos are worthy for users. These pianos give you digital experience within an acoustic range. It inspires you with its look, features and sounds undoubtedly.

Should I Get 66 or 88 keys keyboard?

If you are a beginner you may start playing piano keyboard having 66 keys. Otherwise, you must go for the piano with 88 keys.

And if you want to learn about every tone and voice you have to go with 88 keys consequently help you to learn about every single note.

What is the Most Realistic Sounding Digital Piano?

The piano gives you the most authentic and real feel of sound when you are playing which means it has a perfect sound system and weighted keys beyond it.

Although every piano has its specialty yet Yamaha YDP-164 and Roland RP-102 are the well renowned and most realistic sounding digital pianos.


Sometimes we stuck between the situation of “do and die.” Just like in the case with affordability and good quality. But, for the best, you have to pay high. And the thing gets with difficulty is more valuable than the readily available ones.

It’s the human psyche. It’s the thing that you cannot afford within weeks and days, and some time months so, please become a little bit fussy.

Finally, we suggest you choose the Piano that does not only fulfill your taste but also with unique and firm looks. The sustainable nature of Piano gives you the chance to enjoy it for a long time.